Continuing on with the genealogy of the women who married into the Guill family of Luxembourg, the Modert branch that married Michael Guill will be presented. Eva Guill Michael Guill 1845-1881—Catherine Revenig 1842-1920 Michel Guill 1820-1847—Eve Modert 1818-1895 Michel Guill 1773-1850—Ann Marie Lethal 1778-1844 Petrus Guill 1757-unk—Ann Marie Beck 1739-1811 Johann Guill unk-1758-Margaret Hardt unk-1756 … More Modert/Fischer/Apel/Conter/Heim/Schneider/Gorgen/Wolf

Eva Guill

I have exhausted all known avenues researching my maternal Grandfather, Henry Mangen’s paternal line for now. It is time to turn to his maternal line, Guill, for a couple of posts. Henry’s parents both emigrated from Luxembourg separately in the late 1800’s. Below is a summary of what I have found for his paternal line. … More Eva Guill

Earliest Identified Mangen’s in my Family Tree (So Far)

I have been working back through the Mangen family tree and have written the last 22 posts about the people I have information on. I have 2 more to introduce, my 7x Great Grandfather, Nicholas Mangen and my 8x Great Grandfather, Arnould Mangin. I first found Nicholas in his son’s marriage document from 1724. This … More Earliest Identified Mangen’s in my Family Tree (So Far)