Help in figuring out the place

Marguerite Hardt is my 6x Great Grandmother from Luxembourg. I have found her on some of her son’s marriage records and her children’s baptism records.

Margaretha Hardt was married to Joannis Gill the record has not been found. She had the following children: Michael 1728, Petrous 1732, Antonious 1734, Joannes Adamus 1736, Johan 1740, Catherine 1742, and Eva 1745.

She died 17 Oct 1756 in Grevenmacher. 

There is one record I could use some help with. Her death record from the Grevenmacher, Luxembourg church register. I would like to know what the place that her husband Joannes Gill is from. I have compared the place to a list of communes in Luxembourg hoping to match up the letters. So far I have not succeeded. I am hoping that a person who knows the way around Luxembourg can help me figure out the place. Below is the record. The word I am looking at is the second word in the third line. I think it starts out with Mach….


Please comment if you think you know what it is.


Luxembourg registres paroissiaux, 1601-1948,” images, FamilySearch ( : 9 January 2015), Grevenmacher > Mariages, sépultures 1742-1768 > image 49 of 139; paroisses, Luxembourg (parishes, Luxembourg)

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