Eva Guill

I have exhausted all known avenues researching my maternal Grandfather, Henry Mangen’s paternal line for now. It is time to turn to his maternal line, Guill, for a couple of posts. Henry’s parents both emigrated from Luxembourg separately in the late 1800’s. Below is a summary of what I have found for his paternal line.

Henry Mangen 1900-1947

George Mangen 1868-1903——— Eva Guill

Nicholas Mangen 1829-1907——— Ann Weber

Jacques Mangen 1802-1892 ——— Catherine Feipel

Mathias Mangen 1769-1814 ——— Marie Engel

Johan Mangen 1737-1793 ———— Catherine Putz

Nicholas mangen 1701-1768 ——— Anna Eyners

Nicholas Mangin dates unknown — Regina Fischbach

Arnould Mangin dates unknown —— Claude

Henry’s mother, Eva Guill was born 18 April 1872 in Grevenmacher, Luxembourg to Michael Guill and Catherine Revenig. She is the oldest of 5 children, the others: Mathius, Nicholas, Henry, and Susanna. I will include more details about her siblings when I discuss her parents. It should be noted that her father, Michael died just before Susanna was born and I will discuss that in more detail when I get to that generation.

Documents that have Eva’s name on them include her birth and baptism. Also the census in Luxembourg for the years 1875, 1880, 1885, 1887, and 1890. The census in 1890 has a second page that needed to be studied.

1890 census Grevenmacher, Luxembourg

The above record tells me that Eva was single and working in Bar Le Duc, France for the past 11 months in service. This confirms the information my mom had given me that Eva worked as a maid in France. My mom further told me that she worked in the Mangin household which I had not been able to confirm until I asked for help on a social media platform. I had originally asked for the above record to be translated but included a little information about what was passed down through family stories. An extremely kind and helpful woman showed me that the census in the Meuse France archives could be looked at online. She took the time to look at the 1891 census and found her! She guided me through her process and I was able to see it for myself. It confirmed the story that was passed down.

1891 census Bar le Duc, France

The above document confirms that Eva Guill was a domestique in the household of Henry Mangin who was Inspector of Recording and they lived on Rue Victor Hugo in Bar-le-Duc, France. This is 192 kilometers(119 miles) from Grevenmacher.

According to my mom, Eva was able to communicate in German, French, and English. Eva’s mom spoke German even after they immigrated to America and Eva had to learn French in school and was only allowed to speak in French at school or the students would be punished. This must have come in handy when she lived and worked in France. She then learned English when she immigrated as that was the language she communicated to my mom in.

According to the census in the United States, Eva immigrated in 1894 which would have been through Ellis Island. This is the only branch of my family that would pass through Ellis Island. Everyone else was here before it opened. Finding Eva on a passenger list has been challenging and I still have not found her. Below is what I have found for the passenger list the Westernland that left Antwerp, Belgium 5 April 1894 and arrived in New York on 25 April 1894.

Westernland Ship manifest 5 April 1894

There are 4 Guill’s listed on the ship manifest. Mrs. Nicholas Guill, 52, Catherine, 17, Henry, 15, and Suzanna, 12. They were from Luxembourg and headed to Chicago. A few things to point out,

1. Eva is not listed

2. Mrs Nicholas Guill is confusing. The mother was married to Michael Guill not Nicholas and please remember that Michael had already died. Also she is listed as being male but the next column indicates the person is a wife.

3. Catherine is the mother’s name and I have not found a sibling named Catherine. But, the sibling Nicholas would be 17 and is not listed either. It is possible the recorder mixed up the names on lines 16 and 17.

4. Henry is indicated to have died on the 14th of April during the journey the cause was number 10(which I have not found a list to show what each number indicates for the cause of death yet). Henry did not die as he is found on the census in 1900 and 1910 in America, he was married in 1904, had 3 children and died in 1911.

5. There are 2 Eva’s on this manifest. I followed them into America but neither of them merged into my great grandmother.

6. Thinking that she may have married before immigrating, I checked the marriages in Grevenmacher between 1890 to 1896. There are no Eva Guill’s listed as being married. I chose to stop at 1896 as Eva married that year in America.

7. I could check every manifest in 1892-1895 that would have come from Antwerp or other ports close by. That is something to remember the next time I research the Guill family.

8. The manifest is wrong in several points just for this family and it is possible that Eva was on board but was not recorded.

Next post will be Eva’s life in America.


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