Mathias Mangen 1769-1814

I was introduced to my 4x Great Grandfather, Mathias Mangen in the marriage record of his son, Jacques in 1825. This record indicated that Mathias died on 11 April 1814 in Munsbach and that he was married to Marie Engle. I then proceeded to find his death record which didn’t give me much information.The only bit of new information is that he was 40 years old. See below:


I had to move over to the baptism records in Schuttrange, Luxembourg since the civil records don’t cover the time period Mathias was born. I started at 1774 which would be 40 years earlier. The closest record I found to that date was from 1769. See below:

The record, in Latin, translated: On 18 March 1769, Johann Mathias was baptized, the legitimate son of Johann Mangen and Catherine Putz, honorably married in Munsbach. The godparents were Johann Mathias Brummeyer from Luxembourg and Magdalena Woeber of Munsbach.

Taking into account when his son, Jaqcues was born, 1802, I started looking back from that date for Mathias and Marie’s marriage. It is on 2 pages and in Latin. The gist of it is that on the 17th of January 1794, Mathias the legitimate son of Johann Mangen and Catherine Putz and Marie Engel the legitimate daughter of Bernard Engel and Catherine Weber both of Munsbach were honorably married.

From this record, I started looking for the children. I have found nine and I wrote about them in the last post. There is a gap in the records between 1796 and 1806. I do not have the birth record for Michel and Jacques but have the date of birth from other records they are in. I suspect there are more children and need to figure out another strategy to look for them.

  1. Johann Pierre baptized 1796
  2. Michel born 20 October 1800
  3. Jacques 22 August 1802, my 3xGreat Grandfather
  4. Bernard born 27 August 1806
  5. Nicholas born 25 July 1808
  6. Catherine born 13 February 1810
  7. Marguerite born 23 January 1812
  8. Jean 15 February 1813
  9. Jean 18 March 1814

Below, you can see that Mathias age didn’t make sense in a few instances. The reason I looked at this is that the age on his death certificate was off by 5 years. I wanted to make sure I had the right person in the baptism document. Although, the names of the parents matched up on the baptism and marriage documents. Anyway, the first two children match up with his age if he was born in 1769. Then his age jumped with the daughter born in 1810. His age went back to normal for the 1812 child then went really wonky for the 1813 and 1814 children. His age on his death record was 40 which was less than 1 month after the birth of his last child. I am confident that the documents I have found for Mathias are his and there was just some inconsistencies in regards to his age.

Mathias Mangen was born before his baptism on 18 March 1769 in Munsbach, Luxembourg to Johann Mangen and Catherine Putz. He was married to Marie Engel on 17 January 1794 and had at least 9 children. According to the birth records of his children, he was a farmer. Mathias died 11 April 1814 in Munsbach at the age of 45. I do not know where he is buried.

Mangen Genealogy Line

Mathias Mangen 1769-1814

Jacques Mangen 1802-1892

Nicholas Mangen 1829-1907

George Mangen 1868-1903

Henry Mangen 1900-1947

Florence Mangen -my mom


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Luxembourg registres paroissiaux, 1601-1948,” images, FamilySearch ( : 9 January 2015), Schuttrange > Baptêmes, mariages, sépultures 1794-1795 > image 10 of 22; paroisses, Luxembourg (parishes, Luxembourg).

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