Jacques/Jacob Mangen 1802-1892

I first encountered Jacques Mangen,  my 3x Great Grandfather, in the census while I was looking for his son Nicholas. He appeared in 16 of the 19 censuses in Mensdorf, Luxembourg between 1843-1889. The various censuses revealed many facts about Jacques. His birthday is 22 August 1802 and he was born in Munsbach. His wife is Catherine Feipel who is from Mensdorf. Throughout the censuses, his family grew and 6 of his 9 children were annotated in varying years eventually evolving to his son Nicholas marrying and having his family annotated resulting in a 3 generation home. I made a chart showing the home over all the years here. According to the 1847 census, Jacques has been living in the home for 22 years and his wife has been living there for 47 years which is her entire life. It seems Jacques moved into his wife’s family home after they married. Another interesting fact is that according to the 1858 and 1861 census the home was named Schneidesch. I asked for help with this and the best answer is that Schneider means tailor so perhaps it was the home of a tailor or a family named Schneider at some point in time. As of yet, I haven’t found a Schneider or a tailor in Catherine’s family. Something to keep an eye out for. Also, this family identified as catholics so I would like to find the church they would have gone to. Last, his occupation was listed as either a laborer or cultivar. I found an entry in a book that listed Jacques and his occupation in German and French. Both Landwirt and Cultivateur translated means farmer.

I tried finding his birth record but it seems that a few years are missing in Munsbach including the year Jacques was born. I did find his marriage record from 23 March 1825 in Betzdorf. An important bit of information is found below in this document.

I asked for help translating this and basically it provides the names of his parents, Mathias Mangen and Marie Engel. The other important part is that they are both dead further providing the dates of death. Mathias died 11 April 1814 and Marie died 1 March 1823 both in Munsbach. Jacques would have been 12 when his dad died and 21 when his mom died. It is possible he then lived and worked in a relatives home or he went to work in someone else’s home. Whatever the circumstance, he ended up in Mensdorf where he married Catherine Feipel. As I indicated before, they had 9 children and I wrote about them here.


Jacques died 27 October 1892 in Mensdorf. The death record was consistent with information I found. He was 90, his wife was Catherine Feipel, his parents were Mathias Mangen and Marie Engel, and he lived in the house Schneidosch. I do not know where he was buried.


Memorail des Grobherzoghums Luxembourg:1867,2 Volume 1867 Issue 2, p266.

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Luxembourg, Registres d’état civil, 1796-1941,” database with images, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-DRHS-82C?cc=1709358&wc=9RYM-L2Z%3A129624901%2C129717601 : 17 July 2014), Betzdorf > Naissances, mariages, décès 1891-1894 > image 87 of 111; Archives nationales de Luxembourg (National Archives), Luxembourg.

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