Henry Mangen in the Census

Henry Mangen can be found in 4 United States censuses all are in Chicago, IL. He was born in October 1900, too late to be counted on the census that year. The first census he is annotated in is 1910.

1910 US census

His mom Eva is the head and works in a confectionary store. All of the children are listed, Catherine M  age 12, Nicholas E. A. age 11, and Henry G. L. age 9. His grandmother Catherine Guill is also living with them. It is indicating that Eva is from Germany but she is really from Luxembourg. I have looked at other people that I know are from Luxembourg in this census and they are all listed as being from Germany. This was the case with different census takers. I am unsure why this was done. The family lives on Wentworth Ave.


1920 US census

The 1920 census reveals the town and country Henry’s mom and dad are from. Eva is from Grevenmacher, Luxembourg and George is from Mensdorf, Luxembourg. He is living with his mom and brother. His sister, Catherine was married, thus the reason she is not with them any more. The census was taken 2 Jan 1920 which is before Henry married (15 May 1920). Also notable is that neither Henry or his brother, Nick have the profession listed. Both were working by then and were about to marry. They are living on Peoria Ave. Their grandmother Katherine Guill isn’t on this census but didn’t die until May. I have looked at her other children but she wasn’t with them either.

1930 US census
Home on Indiana Ave purchased in 1925

The 1930 census reveals a full house. I have only included a portion of the census but they have 4 children, age range 1 month to 9 years (3 girls and 1 boy). Florence’s father, Charles is living there along with 4 of his daughters age range 7 to 18 years. Charles is recently widowed, his wife died in 1929. The family is living at 8348 Indiana Ave and the house is worth $9000. It indicates his parents were from Luxembourg, he is an accountant at a Fur company and that he is not a veteran. Another question on this census is whether the family has a radio. The answer for Henry’s household is yes. The radio was a source of entertainment and news for families. Also, a way for advertisers to reach consumers.

A note about the house. The entrance is on the left side and we are looking at the windows of the living room. The kitchen was in the back and there is also a bedroom on this level that Henry and Florence used. Only one bathroom and it was also on the first floor. Up the stairs is where the kids slept. There was a basement also.

1940 US census

Henry has a full house in the 1940 census. I did not include everyone but all 6 of his children (4 girls and 2 boys) are listed as well as a sister-in-law. His home was worth $6,000 which is a decrease from 1930. Is this due to the Depression? The closest explanation I have found is that a house purchased in 1920 lost 55% of its value by 1939. This home was purchased in 1925 and in 1930 was worth $9000. In 1940, it was worth $6000 which is 33% less. I would like to find out what they paid in 1925.

Other findings on this census include: they lived in the same home in 1935 on Indiana Ave, it confirmed he completed 2 years of high school, that he was an accountant in a Fur Company, and his income in 1939 was $3600.

Personal family photo
Personal family photo

The photos above show Henry and Florence in front of the Christmas tree in 1920. Then in front of the Christmas tree with their 6 children. There was no date on this but estimated 1943.

There were no surprises for me in any of the censuses. It confirmed what I had heard and found. Henry’s age remained consistent. It provided new information about what the house was worth and his income.

Next post will cover a mapping of known places Henry lived in along with other important buildings in Chicago.

Genealogy Line

Henry Mangen – Grandfather

Florence Mangen – Mother

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