Dad’s Role in Operation Iceberg, Part 5, April 12-October 2, 1945

Dad was injured on Aril 11, 1945 on Kakazu Ridge, Okinawa. He was taken to the hospital ship and on April 22, 1945 he was in a hospital in Saipan. He was unable to hear for a month but gradually gained back most of his hearing. June 3rd he was taken to Hawaii and was in the States on June 6th. He convalesced at Percy Jones Hospital in Battle Creek, MI. On October 2, 1945, Private Harry J Rice Jr was separated from the Army.

He received the Combat Infantryman Badge:


He also received the following Ribbons, Asiatic Pacific, Bronze Star, Good Conduct Medal, and the Purple Heart.

He was part of the 96th Division and below is the shoulder sleeve insignia:


He was a member of the 383rd Infantry:


Soon after he was discharged, he met my mom. She was discharged from the Navy on November 11, 1945. Their moms met each other volunteering at the Red Cross and introduced my mom and dad in December. My parents married March 2, 1946. My mom told me that every night at dinner, dad would talk about his experiences so much to the point that she knew them all by heart. When they moved to Arizona in 1951, near an Air Force Base, dad would take cover under the table for about a year whenever the jets would fly overhead. She said that she didn’t have to look at a calendar to know when April 1st was here because dad would have nightmares. She thinks in hindsight the fact that he was able to talk to her about it helped him ease the experiences. Eventually they subsided as I never witnessed any of this and he was pretty much done talking about it. I only heard a few stories. I do know with certainty that he was happy to have served this country.

Harry J Rice Jr


Harry Rice Jr discharge paper

Photos from personal collection

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