Thomas Gregson and Jane

My 11x Great Grandparents, Thomas Gregson and Jane are the immigrants for this branch of the family. Thomas was born 14 Jul 1611 in Sutton on Hill, Derbyshire, England to Henry Gregson and Edith Allestree. Jane was born circa 1615 but it is unknown who her parents are.

They married 10 June 1629 in England and had 9 children: Richard 1630, Anna 1632, Rebecca 1633, Hannah 1635, Mary 1638, Susan 1640, Phoebe 1643, Abigail 1644, and Sarah 1646.

It is estimated that Thomas, Jane, and family came to New Haven, Connecticut in 1637 with Governor Eaton and Rev Davenport.

Thomas was a merchant and an active member of New Haven and held many offices. He was made Freeman in 1639. He was the truckman in 1640, treasurer 1641, deputy 1640-1643, Commissioner in 1643 sent to Boston, Massachusetts for a meeting on 7 Sept 1643 to discuss the articles of confederation of the Colonies. He was chosen Magistrate in October 1643. Assistant to the Governor. He was chosen to return to England to procure a patent for Parliament for this area. Although none of the documents clearly stated what the patent was for, historians believe that is was for a charter for the colony.

The Great Ship is how this was referred to and Thomas was among 70 people that boarded it destined for England to conduct trading and obtain the patent in January 1647. Some passengers were returning to England and others went back to visit family. According to Winthrop the ship was carrying “pease, some wheat all in bulk, about 100 West Indian hides and store of beaver and silver plate estimated worth of 5000 pounds.” He also wrote that the ship had to be cut out of 3 miles of ice before it could set sail. The ship never made it to England and is assumed to be lost at sea. In the summer of 1647, there was a sighting of a ship in the clouds. It kept sailing closer to shore but before it got there, the ship capsized and the people went overboard. The Reverend Davenport declared that this was a sign to show how their friends and family were lost. In 1850, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem called The Phantom Ship.

Thomas having died at sea in 1647 left a large estate that was inventoried 2 Nov 1647. Real estate valued at 246 pounds and personal estate was valued at 225 pounds. In 1644, he had received the last parcel of land (133 acres) known as East Haven that included Morris Cove and East Farm.

Thomas Greyson’s land is in the upper Left corner

It seems Jane did not remarry and made a will in 1692. She died in 1702. The estate was finally settled in 1716. She divided up her estate mostly among her daughters but impressively, she named her granddaughters and one great granddaughter giving them each some of the land. Her daughter Rebecca had died between 1657 – 1662. She had one daughter, Ruth Bowers Frisbee. These ladies are my 9x and 10x great grandmothers. Jane left Ruth 14 acres of the East side farm.

Thomas died somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. According to Hinman “he was one of the most active and useful men of the first settlers of New Haven. He came of an old and gentle family of Derbyshire.” It is unknown where Jane is buried but most likely in the First Congregational Churchyard, New Haven CT.


Thomas Gregson and Jane, their daughter,

Rebecca Gregson and John Bower, their daughter,

Ruth Bower and John Frisbie, their son,

Edward Frisbie and Mercy Ball, their son,

Gideon Frisbie and Desire Grannis, their son,

Philip Frisbee and Phoebe Hendricks, their son,

Gideon Frisbee and Huldah Kidder, their daughter,

Free love Frisbee and Jabez Bostwick, their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother

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