George Pardee and Martha Miles

My 10x Great Grandparents, George Pardee and Martha Miles settled in New Haven, CT. George was baptized 19 Feb 1624 in Pitminster, England. Martha was baptized 11 June 1632 in Baldock, England to Richard Miles and Catherine. It is unknown when either of them journeyed over to America.

George and Martha married 20 Oct 1650 in New Haven, CT. They had 5 children: John 1651, John 1653, George 1656 Mary 1658, and Elizabeth 1660.

In 1644 George became and indentured apprentice to Francis Brown, a tailor. Francis Brown also ran a ferry and George learned that also and took over in 1650. The ferry was across the Quinnipiac River in New Haven, CT. In 1652, They settled in a home that was previously occupied by Robert Pigg. In 1656, they moved closer to the ferry. There is a mention that George was lame in 1644 and another mention in 1661, that he gave up working the ferry because of bodily weakness.

In 1661 there was the seating of George and his wife in the meeting house. George was in the long seat next to the wall and Martha was in a side seat above the door. He became a freeman in 1662.

Martha died around 1662 in New Haven and was buried in The Green which is the area in the center of New Haven.

George remarried to Katherine Lane in 1662. They had 4 children, Joseph 1664, Rebecca 1666, Sarah 1668, and Hannah 1672.  It is unknown when Katherine died.

Because it was difficult to continue ferry work, he became the school master of Hopkins Grammar School until 1667. He taught english, latin, writing, and arithmetic. This school still exists. He also received a license to run an ordinary.

George died in 1700 and it is unknown where he is buried. There is however a memorial marker for him at a park named Pardee Seawall. Below is a satellite photo of the area and the marker shows where the memorial is. The tablet reads:

In Memory Of
George Pardee
1630 – 1700
Farmer, Ferryman and Teacher
Of Latin and Good Manners
Who First Owned This Land
and of
William Bradley Pardee
1821 – 1893

Pardee Sewall Park, New Haven, CT



George Pardee and Martha Miles, their son,

George Pardee and Mercy Ball, their daughter,

Martha Pardee and Edward Frisbie their son,

Gideon Frisbie and Desire Grannis, their son,

Philip Frisbee and Phoebe Hendricks, their son,

Gideon Frisbee and Huldah Kidder, their daughter,

Free love Frisbee and Jabez Bostwick, their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


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