Anthony Beers and Elizabeth

My 9x Great Grandparents, Anthony Beers and Elizabeth lived in Fairfield, CT. Anthony was born around 1627 in Gravesend, Kent, England. He came to America with his brother James and probably his uncle Richard. Although Richard was definitely are in 1635 so they may have come over a little later and settled in Watertown, MA. It is not known when Elizabeth was born or who her parents were.

Anthony and Elizabeth married around 1646 most likely in Watertown as the first 5 children were born there. They had 7 children: Samuel 1647, Ephraim 1648, John 1651/2, Esther 1654, Samuel 1657, Barnabas 1658, and Elizabeth.

He was made freeman in 1657 and in the Train Band in Watertown in 1652. The family moved to Roxbury, MA for a short time where Barnabas was born. They then moved to Fairfield, CT and there is land assigned to him in 1667. Elizabeth dies at some point as Anthony was remarried to Mary Adams.

Anthony was a mariner and has been reported that he died at sea in 1676. This is according to family historians who have read a passage that was written in a family bible  of his grandson Josiah, son of Barnabas.

There is not much documentation regarding these 2 ancestors.


Anthony Beers and Elizabeth, their son,

John Beers and Mary, their son,

Samuel Beers and Sarah Beers, their daughter,

Hannah Beers and Abner Hard their daughter,

Currence Hard married David Bostwick their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Freelove Frisbee their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


Watertown records Watertown (Mass.) Published 1894.

A Genealogical Register of the First Settlers of New England: By John Farmer

Commemorative Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Connecticut


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