William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin

My 10x Great Grandparents, William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin lived in Connecticut. William was the immigrant for that branch of the family and he came to America with his brother John. William was born about 1622 in England. It is not known when they came over but they are considered among the first settlers of Wethersfield, CT. Sarah also immigrated but was with her family and was born about 1631.

William and Sarah married October 1648 in Wethersfield. They had 9 children: William 1649, Sarah 1649, Mary 1651, John 1653, Eizabeth 1658, William 1661,  Abigail 1663, Ephraim 1664, and David 1667.

Below shows that the William Goodrich family was settled near his brother John.

Unfortunately, he was part of the Pequot war 1636-1638 in which the colonists and members of the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes fought the Pequot tribe. Only 200 Pequot survived and they were absorbed by other tribes or sold into slavery in the West Indies.

William was constable in 1649, Deputy to the General Court 1662-1666, and Ensign in the Train Band. He was made Freeman in 1656.

William died in 1676 and left the estate to his sons with his daughters receiving their share at marriage. His widow, Sarah received 1/3 of the estate and 100 pounds. The estate was worth 915 pounds.

Sarah remarried Captain William Curtiss who was previously married and had 9 children with his first wife. He lived in Stratford so that is where Sarah must have lived the remainder of her life. She died in 1701 and William died in 1702.

I have not found where either William Goodrich or Sarah Marvin are buried.


William Goodrich and Sarah Marvin their daughter,

Abigail Goodrich and Thomas Fitch their daughter,

Abigail Fitch and Abraham Kimberly their daughter,

Hannah Kimberly married James Hard their son,

Abner Hard married Hannah Beers their daughter,

Currence Hard married David Bostwick their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Freelove Frisbee their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


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A digest of the early Connecticut probate records Manwaring, Charles William, 1829-1905 Published 1904 p 202

The History of Ancient Wethersfield, Stiles, Henry Volume 1 Published 1901


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