Samuel Fitch and Susannah

My 10x Great Grandparents, Samuel Fitch and Susanna are the immigrants for this branch of the family. Samuel born 1626 in Bocking, Essex, England to Thomas Fitch and Ann Reeve. He came to America with his brothers Thomas and Joseph and mother Ann. His brother Rev James Fitch came to America before them.

Samuel Fitch and Susannah married on January 1650 in Hartford,CT at the First  Church. They had 2 children: Samuel 1650 and Thomas 1652. Samuel was a schoolmaster for 3 years 1650-1653 in Hartford.  I don’t know how much the town paid him but parents were to either provide a load of wood or 3 schillings to procure it. Samuel was made a freeman in 1651 and was representative to the General Court in 1654. He was referred to as Mr which in those times represented his rank as a gentleman. Sometime they moved to Milford, CT and that is where he died in 1659. I have not found a probate for him.

Susannah was first married to William Whiting and had 6 children with him: William 1631, John 1635, Samuel 1636, Sarah 1637, Mary 1640, Joseph 1645. He died in 1647 in Hartford, CT. William was a prominent man and when he died he left an estate worth 2854 pounds. Susannah then married Samuel Fitch in 1650 and at some point they moved to Milford, CT most likely after 1654. In Hartford 1654, Susannah’s daughter Sarah, married Jacob Mygatt. There was a long agreement between Jacob’s father, Joseph and Susannah regarding the marriage and what each parent was giving to the couple. Further, Joseph Mygatt wrote in his will that same year that “Whereas it is mentioned in the Agreement with Mrs. Susannah Fitch, & the Trustees in behalf of her Brother….” It goes on about how the estate that she was giving to the couple was going to instead be used to invest in money abroad. This passage seems to indicate to some researchers that her brother is Joseph Mygatt. I don’t quite completely comprehend this part of the passage so I am still unsure as to Susannah’s maiden name. Other researchers think Susannah’s maiden name in Wiggin but have offered no proof of this either. Continuing the timeline, Samuel Fitch died in 1659. Susannah then married Alexander Bryan in 1662 who had one child from a previous marriage. That same year, she signed over property that she was given by her first husband to the children from her first marriage. She was admitted to the Milford Church in 1669. Susannah died in 1673 in Middleton, CT at the home of her daughter Mary Whiting Collins. In a letter dated July 15, 1673, written by Gov John Winthrop to his son, Susannah’s death is documented. “Old Mrs. Bryan, Mr. Whitings mother, died at Middleton Sabath day was seven night, where she was buried the Tuesday following; had not beene sick above a week.” Her third husband, Alexander Bryan died in 1679.

I do not know where either Samuel or Susannah are buried.


Samuel Fitch and Susannah their son,

Thomas Fitch and Abigail Goodrich their daughter,

Abigail Fitch and Abraham Kimberly their daughter,

Hannah Kimberly married James Hard their son,

Abner Hard married Hannah Beers their daughter,

Currence Hard married David Bostwick their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Freelove Frisbee their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


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