Abraham Kimberly and Abigail Fitch

My 8x Great Grandparents, Abraham Kimberly and Abigail Fitch lived in Connecticut. Abraham was born 4 March 1674 in Albemarle County, N Carolina to Abraham Kimberly and Hannah Preston. Abigail Fitch was born about 1681 in Wethersfield, CT to Thomas Fitch and Abigail Goodrich.

Abraham and Abigail married 11 May 1696 in Stratford, CT. They had 10 children: Hannah 1697, Abigail 1699, Abraham 1702, Sarah 1704, Jedediah 1708, Mary 1710, Abiah 1712, Gideon 1714, Prudence 1716, and Thomas 1718.

Abraham’s father died in 1680 and soon after his mother moved the family back to Stratford, CT where there was land left for her from Abraham’s paternal grandfather. I’ll discuss this further in my next post which will be about Abraham’s parents.

The family lived in Stratford until 1710. Not much is written about them there but Abraham did receive all the land in 1701 that his grandfather had bequeathed to Abraham’s mother. His 2 sisters signed over their share to him at that time. On 4 February 1706, he sold his house, barn and blacksmith shop for 86 pounds to another blacksmith. In 1710 they moved to Newtown, CT and Abraham started a blacksmith business. He seems to have gained respect early in Newtown as he is mentioned in 1711 as being one of the men chosen to find a suitable spot for the gristmill. In that same year he was the man that drew the names for the lots being divided up. In 1713 along with 4 other men were asked to choose the first minister for the town. In 1714 he was voted the town constable, was chosen to lay out the highways and divisions of land, and the brander of horses. There is a passage in a book that shows he is the brander of horses and outlines his boundaries.

Abraham Kimberly died in 1727 in Newtown, CT. His will outlines what each daughter received of the movable goods the named daughters are Mary, Prudence, Abiah, Hannah, Abigail, Sarah. Only Abraham, Gideon, and Thomas were named and they received land. Jedidiah must have predeceased him. Gideon and Thomas being underage, chose their brother Abraham to be their guardian. Finally, his wife Abigail received the usual use of the house, barn, and land for the remainder of her life. It is not known for sure when Abigail died but there was an agreement for the division of the estate in 1742. This may be an indicator that she died around 1742. It is not known where either Abraham or Abigail are buried.



Abraham Kimberly and Abigail Fitch their daughter,

Hannah Kimberly married James Hard their son,

Abner Hard married Hannah Beers their daughter,

Currence Hard married David Bostwick their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Freelove Frisbee their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


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