Joseph Walker and Abigail Prudden

My 9x Great Grandparents, Joseph Walker and Abigail Prudden were both born in America. They are the parents of Abigail Walker who can be read about here.

Joseph Walker was born May 1646 in Boston, Massachusetts to Robert Walker and Sarah Leager. He was baptized in the First Church on 19 May 1646 and was about 5 days old. He grew up in Boston in a home across from the Common. His father was a weaver.  Joseph was the 6th of 12 children: Elishua 1635, Zechariah 1637, John 1639, Sarah 1641, Jacob 1643, Joseph 1646, Thomas 1649, Mary 1649, Timothy 1650, Eliakim 1652, Mary 1654, and John 1656.

Birth of Joseph Walker and above is his brother Jacob.

Abigail Prudden was born 13 February 1647 in Milford, CT to Rev Peter Prudden and Joanna Boyce. She is the 6th of 9 children: Joanna 1640, Mary 1641, Elizabeth 1642, Samuel 1643, John 1645, Abigail 1647, Sara 1650, Peter 1652, Mildred 1653. She grew up in Milford, CT where Joseph had moved to by 1667. His brothers, Jacob and Zechariah also moved to Connecticut.

Joseph and Abigail married 14 Nov 1667 in Milford, CT.  They had 6 children, the first 2 born in Milford, CT, the last 4 born in Stratford, CT. They are: Robert 1668, Sarah 1669, Abigail 1672, Joseph 1674, Joanna 1677, and Mary 1680. On December 27, 1670, Abigail was admitted to full communion in the Congregational Church.

I haven’t been able to figure out if Joseph was a weaver like his father but his brother Jacob has been identified as a weaver and his brother Zechariah was a pastor. The inventory may be giving me clues if I am reading it correctly. The inventory was taken in November 1687 in Stratford, CT. Here is the portion of the 2.5 page inventory that I suspect might be weaving clues.

Portion of Joseph Walker Inventory

I think the items read: 2 moal skines (mole skin?), flax, whalebone (used as a shuttle?), 2 pair of old boots, a pair of sail cloath, a thred spooler, lombe ? and sack bin, ???, Dutch wheel. Whatever that item is that is worth 11 pounds, it seems to be valuable as it is appraised higher than some of his land. Is it a loom? I can’t figure out what is below it. Lower down on this list is something interesting. It looks like a whale boat, but is only worth 1 pound. It may go with the sail cloth.

Finally, he has a large inventory of clothes compared to other inventories I have seen. The first 22 lines of the inventory were clothing items.

Joseph died in 1687 with no will, he was 41 years old. Abigail was young and had some young children. Abigail remarried 16 April 1688 to Richard Hubbell.  They had 2 children, Joseph 1689 and John 1691.  Richard was previously married 2 times and had 7 children with his first wife and 4 children with his second wife. Richard was a prominent citizen in Stratford who was a planter and bought and sold land. He died in 1699 and left a detailed will. Each person named in the will had a page detailing what they would receive. He had 11 children still alive plus his wife. This is what he left Abigail:

Will of Richard Hubbel, Abigail’s second husband.

Abigail died in 1717 and had a will. She only named 4 children Robert, Abigail, Mary, and John but no grandchildren so 4 of her children must have predeceased her. Her daughters received her clothes and her youngest son John received the rest of the estate. Robert most likely was well established and probably received some of his father’s estate -Joseph Walker whereas John was Richard Hubbell’s son. Abigail was living in the house that Richard Hubbell left her so it makes sense that it would go to John. Of interest, she put aside 10 schillings for a flagon for the communion table.

It is thought that Joseph Walker is buried at the Old Congregational Burying Ground in Stratford, CT and Abigail Prudden Walker Hubbell may be buried in the Stratford Cemetery where her second husband is buried.

My ancestral line:

Joseph Walker and Abigail Prudden their daughter.

Abigail Walker married John Bostwick their son,

Joseph Bostwick married Rebekah Wheeler their son,

Joseph Bostwick married Bette Hurd their son,

David Bostwick married Currence Hard their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Freelove Frisbee their son,

Jabez Bostwick married Sarah Jane Chase their son,

John Day Bostwick married Ida Shelby their son,

Charles Bostwick married Alpha Wilkins their daughter,

Florence Bostwick -my grandmother


Joseph Walker Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 Mother: Sarah Walker Father: Robert Walker Connecticut, Wills and Probate Records, 1609-1999 Joseph Walker 1687. Richard Hubbell Connecticut, Wills and Probate Records, 1609-1999 Death: Abt 1699 – Connecticut, USA Abigail Hubbell Connecticut, Wills and Probate Records, 1609-1999
Death: Abt 1717 – Connecticut, USA

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