Time to Research the Parents of the Women Who Married into the Bostwick Clan

I have spent the last 25 posts writing about each of my direct line Bostwick relatives and then the women who married them. Now I am going to turn my research towards the parents of those women and will trace back as far as I can go to the first ancestor that moved to America in each line. This will include 9 generations of ancestors which will keep me plenty busy for a while. I adapted an idea from a blog called GeneaSpy who created a color spreadsheet to show where the ancestors came from. Below is my Bostwick line with their wives. The large block from Illinois is my grandma, Florence Bostwick. The top blocks are the Bostwick men and the lower blocks are their wives.

I am going to start with the woman born in Massachusetts and end the series with the woman born in Iowa. Here is a quick look at the women with their parents names.

Mary Brinsmead 1640-1704 MA Parents John Brinsmead and Mary Carter

Abigail Walker 1671-1727 CT Parents Joseph Walker and Abigail Prudden

Rebekah Wheeler 1698-unk CT Parents Timothy Wheeler and Rebekah Turney

Bette Hurd 1729-1774 CT Parents David Hurd and Susanna Bostwick

Currence Hard 1753-1855 CT Parents Abner Hard and Hannah Beers

Freelove Frisbee 1782-1867 NY Parents Gideon Frisbee and Huldah Kidder

Sarah Jane Chace 1832-1927 NY Parents Edward Chace and Julia Goodrich

Ida Shelby 1859-1879 CA Parents John Shelby and Ann Jeanette Hinckley

Alpha Wilkins 1880-1929 IA Parents Thomas Wilkens and Christine Pearson

Looking at the list, there are 9 Great Grandmothers and I have both parents names for each of them. My plan is to stay with each great grandmother as a springboard and research back each surname identified. It may get a bit messy as some of the more recent ancestors have some well documented families and with each great grandfather there will be a great grandmother and her line to trace back. This is going to be exciting to research and will give me plenty to look for. Below is a word cloud of the surnames of  Bostwick and the wives that married into the family. As I uncover more surnames I will add them and display this cloud at the end.

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