Summary of the Women who Married into My Bostwick Ancestral Line

I spent the last 10 posts writing about each of the Grandmothers that married into the Bostwick line. As I did with the ancestral line of grandparents with the Bostwick surname, I decided to create another chart for the grandmothers. This spans 10 generations from the years 1602-1929. Below is a summary of the information I have gathered on them thus far.

My 10 grandmothers came from a variety of places. One from England, 1 from Massachusetts, 4 from Connecticut, 2 from New York, 1 from California, and 1 from Iowa. Eight of them were married once and 2 of them were married twice. Of the ones married twice, they only had children with the Bostwick line. They had an average of 6 children with a range from 1- 11.  Five of the grandmothers died before their husband. Known causes of death are for the last 2: pneumonia and fever puerperal. The average age for 8 of them was 64 years with a range of 19-102 years. This is where I have found the oldest living and the shortest living grandparent in my family tree. I have visited 3 of the graves and know the location of 5. Finally, I have pictures of only my great grandma Alpha Wilkins.


Jane Chase Bostwick, Walton, NY
Ida Shelby Bostwick, Soquel, CA
Alpha Wilkins Bostwick, 1928, Chicago, IL

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