Rebekah Wheeler When Did She Die?


My 7x Great Grandmother, Rebekah Wheeler, was baptized 31 October 1698 in Stratford, CT. She is the daughter of Timothy and Rebekah (Turney). She is the 4th of 5 children.

I haven’t been able to piece together her early life but was trying to figure out how she came to marrying a man in New Milford since her family didn’t move there. Her husband’s family started out in Stratford but moved to New Milford in 1707. Rebekah got married in 1724. Then I came across a little paragraph in a book History of the Towns of New Milford and Bridgewater.  It reveals that Joseph Bostwick didn’t move with his family to New Milford but rather stayed in Stratford and was there as late as 1721. In 1724, his father gave him part of his land to farm with a home already built. Rebekah must have been courted by Joseph in Stratford and then they married on 23 July 1724 in New Milford.

This is under the header of the Wheeler family

Rebekah and Joseph had 6 children: Parnell 1726, Joseph 1728, Mercy 1731, Abel 1734, Ichabod 1737 and Rebekah 1741.

Rebekah is named in her father’s will in 1730. She and her sister are to receive 100 pounds plus all the sheep divided between them. Each sheep is valued at 15 shillings. I looked at the inventory for the sheep but there were none listed so I don’t know how many they received.

Timothy Wheeler will 1730

Now when did Rebekah die? I have seen some dates on other trees and one doesn’t make sense. There is one date that has her death listed as 1 week before her birth. There is another date that shows she died in 1742, right after her last child. I have seen no evidence of this date. Now her husband has named Rebekah in his will which is in 1756. Unless he married a second Rebekah, which could have happened but I have seen no evidence of a second marriage, I am going to believe that she was still alive in 1756. Joseph gave Rebekah 1/3 of the house, real estate, and movable estate.

Will of Joseph Bostwick 1756

Rebekah would have been about 58 years old when Joseph died. She may have remarried but I haven’t found any evidence of this. She may have still been alive in 1790. There is a census that year her sons Joseph and Abel are on this census and Joseph has a very large household – 7 people and his children would have been grown by then. Abel has 4 people in his household. One of those people in a household could have been Rebekah. Haven’t found a will for her. Anyway, the search is still on for what happened to Rebekah Wheeler Bostwick.


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