Captain Joseph Bostwick goes to Upper Merryall, CT

My 7x Great Grandfather, Joseph Bostwick was born in 1695 in Stratford, CT. He was the 4th of 11 children born to John and Abigail (Walker) Bostwick. His family moved to New Milford, CT in 1707 and worked as farmers.

On July 23, 1724, he married Rebekah, daughter of Timothy and Rebekah (Turney) Wheeler. They had 6 children, Parnell 1726, Joseph 1728, Mercy 1731, Abel 1734, Ichabod 1737 and Rebekah 1741.

The family moved to Upper Merryall, CT in 1740 being among the first settlers in the area. Upper Merryall is 7 miles north of New Milford. As an aside, the name of this town came from the surveyors who were taking a dinner break which included passing a bottle and “they all became merry”.  There was just a short passage about Joseph which revealed that “he was one of the first settlers in the southwestern part of Upper Merryall and his three sons were influential men in that part of town” Joseph became part of the New Milford military company in 1738 as a Lieutenant and became Captain in 1743.

Joseph made his will July 1756 and died September 27, 1756 in New Milford. All of his children were named along with his wife. In the will, the boundaries of his land is detailed by naming the neighbors. One of his neighbors was Roger Sherman who signed the Declaration of Independence 20 years later.


His estate was inventoried in December 1756 and among the long list of usual clothing, household, farm animals and farm equipment, there was a Bible, and a Service book. I looked up service book to try to find out what it is and found that it could be a Liturgical book that contains text for religious services. The family must have been active in the First church which was Congregational. Sure would like to know where the Bible went and if it is still with someone. There may be some good genealogy information in it.


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