Cubs Win! Wish my parents could have seen it

It’s November 3, 2016 at 1:00 am and the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series after 108 years between wins! Why am I writing this? It is bittersweet as my parents grew up on the south side of Chicago but were Cubs fans. They were both born in 1921 but both died without seeing them win the World Series. My dad Harry died in 2001 and my mom Florence passed away just 7 weeks ago. I was asking her a lot of questions the past 2 years and she would reminisce about taking the trolley with her friend to Wrigley Field on Ladies day to watch a game. Her dad was a White Sox fan and they would rib each other. They would listen to baseball games on the radio and read the box scores in the newspaper. Once, my mom wrote to the newspaper Chicago American about the players the Cubs could spare to give the flailing White Sox a hand. They printed it and I can’t remember the exact title but it had Florence Nightingale in it. I wish I had a copy of it. Mom couldn’t remember the year it was published but it was in the 1930s. Maybe one day the paper will go online or I will be able to go to Chicago and search in the library. My dad is the one who taught me the game as I would watch it with him on tv. He would also take me to the AAA team in our town to take in a game. Watching games at that level is so much fun in the little stadium.

I know that although all my siblings are in different cities we were all following the series and were rooting for the Cubs the way our parents would have. They did it Mom and Dad!


My parents and I in Chicago in front of Lake Michigan and the Shedd Aquarium 1971

2 thoughts on “Cubs Win! Wish my parents could have seen it

  1. This is so touching, Kathy. I am a Red Sox fan so totally appreciate how exciting this is for Cubs fans! I stayed up to the bitter end last night. It was one of the best games I’ve ever seen, and it was also one of the most exciting World Series I’ve ever seen. Yay Cubs!


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