Children of Michael and Ann Carew

This is a continuation of the last post about Michael and Ann Carew. They moved their family from Ireland to Canada. After the children were grown, most of them moved with Michael and Ann to Wisconsin. Here is a summary of the children.

Bridget 1812-1891 Born in Ireland died in Canada, she stayed in Canada while the others moved to Wisconsin. Married Michael Crough and had the following children: MaryAnn, William, Michael, Patrick, Ellen, Phillip, Timothy, Ann, Kathryn, and John.

Patrick 1818-1888 Born in Ireland died in Wisconsin married Ellen Sullivan. My 3x great grandparents. Had the following children: Mary, Catherine, Mary, Ellen, Bridget, William, Eliza Jane, John, Anna, and Lena.

Michael 1819-1886 Born in Ireland died in Wisconsin, married Eliza Donnelly. Had the following children: Hannah, John, James, William, and Clement

John 1821-1893 Born in Ireland died in Wisconsin. Married Ann Sloan and had the following children: Margaret, Edward, Dan, John, and Hugh.

William 1823-1907 Born in Ireland died in Wisconsin, never married.

Lewis Fortitude 1825-1825 Born at sea during crossing from Ireland to Canada. Named after the captain of the ship-Lewis and the name of the ship-Fortitude. His birth is in the Medical Log for the ship and he was a healthy boy. Unknown when he died but did not live a year.

James 1830-1909 Born in Canada died in Wisconsin. Civil War Veteran. Married Mary Doran and had the following children:Frank, Michael, Mary, William, Frances, and Katherine.

Ann 1833-1904 Born in Canada, died in Wisconsin. Married Dennis Conroy and had the the following children: Janette, James Henry, Mary, Ida, Lewis, Maggie, and Jennie.

Next post will cover Patrick Carew and Ellen Sullivan’s life in Wisconsin.

2 thoughts on “Children of Michael and Ann Carew

  1. My Grandparents are John James Flood and Ellen (Holland( (O Connell) Flood
    My GG Grandparents are Mary Ann Crough and John Flood.
    My GGG Grandparents are Michael Crough & Bridget Carew.
    I am looking for more information: Michael and Bridget’s parents. I think Bridget’s parents are Michael Carew and Ann Hogan. Do you have any info on them. I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you very Much Marilyn (MacDonald) Snedden 780-986-3081 Leduc AB


    1. If you look at the 2 posts previous to this one, I have information about them. I have seen that Ann’s last name is Hogan but haven’t been able to verify this. If you can confirm this I would appreciate it if you would share with me. I have found the doctor’s notes from the trip over in which Ann gave birth on the ship. It is in the book- Medical Journal of the Emigrant Ship Fortitude, by Francis Conin, R.N. Thank you for reading this post.


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