Michael Carew, Ann and Children

As a continuation of my past 3 posts about the two branches of my family that immigrated with the Peter Robinson Settlers, this post is focused on the Carew family. Michael and Ann brought their 5 children from Ireland to Canada in 1825 on the ship Fortitude. The list below shows the family and the ages they gave when the journey started:
Michael 34
Ann 30
Bridget 14
Patrick 8
Michael 6
John 4
William 2
During the journey, on May 26, 1825, Ann gave birth to a boy who they named Lewis Fortitude. The doctor on the ship described it as a “serene birth”. At some point, Lewis died as there have been reports that he died at sea but I have not seen this. I do know that I have not found him in any censuses and in a questionnaire the families filled out after one year of relocating, a question was how many family members left Ireland and how many are alive now. The answer to both questions was 7. That accounts for the seven that boarded the ship. Therefore, Lewis must have died at some point within a year.

Michael and Ann had 2 more children in Canada, James 1830 and Ann 1833.

The 1851 Agricultural census in Canada show that Michael, Patrick and John have farms in Ennismore. They each had 100 acres and grew peas, oats, potatoes, and hay. They also raised sheep, pigs, had milk cows, a bull, and horses. They seemed to be doing well but something motivated them to pick up and move to Wisconsin the following year.

Below marks Ennismore, Canada and Mukwa, WI, USA. According to the naturalization paper of James, they entered the United States in Buffalo. The usual route taken is by steamship through the Great Lakes to ports in Wisconsin.


The Carew families established farms in Wisconsin. Michael and Ann were enumerated in the 1855 Wisconsin State census and the 1860 US census.

Michael died in 1869 and Ann(Nancy) died in 1872. Both are buried in St Patricks Cemetery, Northport, WI.

Next post will be more about their children.


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