Bartholomew Sullivan, Mary and Children

Continuing on from the previous two posts, two branches of my family were part of the Peter Robinson Settlers. This post will focus on the Sullivan family.  According to the ages on the ship’s list an estimate can be made as to when the members of the Sullivan family were born. All except one were born in Ireland. In 1825 when the ship, Amity, destined for Canada left Ireland the following list with ages was recorded for the Sullivan family.
Bartholomew 43
Mary 34
John 21
Thomas 16
Cornelius 13
Jeremiah 7
Ellen 2
Based on the age of at least the first son compared with the mother Mary, it seems that Bartholomew may have been married at least once previously. It may be possible for her to be the mother as I do have one relative who had a child at the age of 14. So it can’t be ruled out for her to be the mother. For this time period, there seems to be a large gap in ages of the children so a couple of possibilities could account for this, multiple marriages and death of children. Whoever the mother of the first children are, I can be fairly confident that Mary is the mother of Ellen who is my 3x great grandmother.

After the family arrived in Canada, Mary gave birth to one more child, Bartholomew Jr in 1826. He is reported to be the first child born in Ennismore, the town they settled in. There hasn’t been any documentation found for the deaths of Bart Sr and Mary but they may have died before the 1851 census as they weren’t found enumerated in it.

John 1804-1893 married Elizabeth 1811-1894 and had the following children: Thomas 1837-1873, Bartholomew 1840-1876, Cornelius 1842, John 1844, Patrick 1845, Hannah 1847-1887, Mary 1849-1892. John is enumerated in the 1851, 1861, 1871, and 1881 censuses. In 1851 there was an Agricultural census and he owned a 200 acre farm. He grew peas, oats, potatoes, and hay. Raised sheep for wool, had 3 milk cows, a bull, calves, pigs, and 1 horse.

Thomas 1809-unknown he is reported to have left for the United States and is not enumerated on any of the censuses.

Cornelius 1812-1898 married Catherine O’Donaghue 1822-1890 and had the following children: Bartholomew 1847-1904, Arthur 1849, Mary 1852-1925, Johanna 1852-1930, Elizabeth 1853-1886, John 1856, Catherine 1863-1932. Cornelius is enumerated in the 1851, 1861, 1871, and 1881 censuses. He is also in the 1851 Agriculture census and owned 100 acres and grew peas, oats, potatoes and hay. He also raised 3 milk cows and had 2 horses.

Jeremiah 1818-1859? I found a Jeremiah enumerated in 1851 in the town of Douro which is east of Ennismore and is another community that was part of the Peter Robinson Settlers. He is documented to have died a single man of about 40 years in 1859. This is the only Jeremiah in the area so it is possible this is the son of Bartholomew.

Ellen 1823-1882 married Patrick Carew of the Carew family that emigrated at the same time as the Sullivans. Will go into more detail about this family in a later post. This family moved to the United States.

Bartholomew Jr 1826-1878 married Margaret Moore 1837-1917 and had the following children: Cornelius 1857, Margaret 1861-1923, Catherine 1862, Bartholomew 1864, Bridget 1866, Gedweave 1868, Edward 1869-1934, Johanna 1972-1938, Michael 1874-1952. He is enumerated in the 1861 and 1871 censuses. He didn’t have a farm in 1851 but in the 1861 census he is living right next to John who in 1851 had 200 acres. Will need to see if there are land ownership records to see if John sold some of his land to Bart. According to a book by Clare Galvin, the family switched farms a few times and after the last of the immigrant brothers died, the land was divided up among some of the heirs. Bartholomew is buried in St Martins Pioneer Cemetery and his headstone is still there.


Three of the Sullivans stayed in Ennismore and continued farming the land they were set up on. One possibly moved a town away and died at 40 years, and one possibly two moved to the United States. Next post will be about the Carew family.

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