Carew and Sullivan Families Homestead in Canada

From the previous post, two branches of my family were brought to Canada from Ireland as part of an emigration program to relocate pauper farmers. These farmers would rent small plots of land from wealthy British landowners and would try to eke out a living. There was a lot of political unrest in Ireland at the time with an increasing amount of violence and there was widespread starvation with a growing population. In 1825, the British under the guidance of Peter Robinson, relocated over 2000 Irish to Canada to start communities. The Carew and Sullivan families were part of this new settlement.

Below shows where the families relocated in Ennismore, Peterboro, Ontario.


The nine ships left Ireland in early May and arrived in Quebec City mid June. The families then traveled via the St Lawrence River to Montreal. They traveled overland and reached their final destination at the end of October.

The first thing they needed to do was build shelter as the Canadian winter was going to set in soon. Most were building shanties that were 15×20 feet that housed the entire family and possessions. Each male over age 16 received 70 acres along with tools and provisions to get them through 18 months in order to give them time to set up homesteads. The Carew family only had one male that qualified for land, Michael, while the Sullivan family had 3 men, Bartholomew, John, and Thomas. On the map below, the green box is where the Carew family lived and the red box is where the Sullivan family was located.


In the first months, the families cleared the land of brush and trees so that when spring came, they were able to plant crops. They also put fences up so that they could contain the farm animals they were given. These families went from renting small plots in Ireland to owning 70 acres with the option of increasing to 100 acres if they develop the land according to certain requirements being met.

The families were asked to fill out a form one year after settling and both the Carew and Sullivan families stated they are happier now and would advise others in Ireland to relocate also. Next up, tracking the children after they grew up.

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