The First of My Carew and Sullivan Ancestors in North America

It is May 10, 1825 and the Carew family is boarding the ship Fortitude in Cork Harbor, Cork, Ireland. Six days later, the Sullivan family is boarding the ship, Amity. These are two of nine ships that are sailing to Canada as part of an emigration known as the Peter Robinson Settlers. A total of 2,024 people were aboard these boats. The British Government relocated the mostly Irish paupers to the area of Upper Canada establishing settlements there. The ships arrived in Quebec City in June. From there, the families boarded steamships to Montreal. After arriving there, they made their way overland to the Peterborough area of Canada.

Below is the embarkation ticket for the Carew Family.


Michael Carew and Anne Hogan are my 4x great grandparents and Patrick Carew is my 3x great grandfather. During the journey over, Ann give birth to a baby boy named Lewis Fortitude. Lewis after the ship captain and Fortitude after the ship. According to the Ships Medical Journal, Ann gave birth to a healthy baby but no mention of him after this is recorded. It has been reported by others that he died on board ship and was buried at sea but I have not seen the documentation.

Below is a list of the Sullivan family.


Bartholomew Sullivan and Mary are also my 4x great grandparents and Ellen Sullivan is my 3x great grandmother.

The map below illustrates where these families are from. The top marker is Tipperary where the Carew family lived and the bottom marker is Cork where the Sullivan family lived.


These two families from Ireland who didn’t know each other started a new life in the same town in Ennismore, Canada. Next time we will see where they settled and how they started out in farming the land.

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