Inventory of William Rice Farm

William Rice and Bridget Connolly passed away within 10 months of each other. The farm passed onto son, William Jr. on December 20, 1887 which is 9 years before William Sr passed away. William Jr married Jennie Lynch in 1896 and they had twins in 1897. In 1899, William Jr passed away. Jennie had to sell the farm and everything with it. By looking at the inventory of the farm in the probate of William Jr, I think it will provide a picture of what was used on the farm while William and Bridget were running it and the furniture in the home and the farm equipment is most likely the same.

1.Real Estate

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 12.06.48 PM
small portion of the land that was owned by the Rice family

According to the government survey, there was 69.32 acres in Ozaukee County and 80 acres in Washington County. The value of the land was $11000.00. It was sold to Gustav and Charles Wirth. Since that transaction the property has changed hands 8 more times and periodically was divided up. Currently the property that the home is on now is 26.6 acres. Above is a portion of the land that they owned. There is still farmland and wooded areas but there are housing developments also.

2.Household Furniture

Commode,_antique_w_pitcherThe value of all the furniture was $50.00 and below is an inventory.

There was 1 cook stove, 4 tables, 19 chairs, 1 lounge, 1 cupboard, 1 center table, 3 bedsteads, 3 feather beds, 5 quilts, 2 commodes, 2 clothes horses, 3 heating stoves, 1 spinning wheel, 1 reel, 1 ice cream freezer, 2 clocks, 1 bureau, 3 mirrors, and 3 shot guns.

To the left is an image of a commode. This one holds the pitcher to clean up, there is a towel rack and in the cabinet is where the chamber pot would be stored. When they were at their peak of people living in the home, I can see the need for 19 chairs. I wish I could see the quilts and the spinning wheel and would love to taste the ice cream they made with the cream they got from their milking cows.

3. Livestock inventory

1 Black mare-Fanny $50, 1 Black mare-Maggie $50, 1 Black mare-Lizzie $15, 10 sheep $40, 5 lambs $5, 1 black sow with pigs $15, 2 white sows, 1 with pigs $25, 1 white pig $5, 6 cows $150, 5 heifers $75, 1 calf $4, and 35 chickens $7.

How wonderful is this to read the names of their horses!

4. Goods, Chattels, Rights and Credits

There were various types of wagons used. Below is an example of a stone boat used to carry stones, firewood, and hay bales. There was a quarry and the home had stone walls.



1 bob sleigh $10, 2 track wagons $10, 1 lumber wagon $20, 1 open two seat buggy $15, 1 top buggy $15, stone boat 50 cents, 1 saddle $1, 2 sets double harness heavy $10, 1 set double harness light $19, 1 single harness $10.

Hay Tedder- stirs the hay to help it dry better.

2 hay forks, 1 hay tedder, 1 hay rake, 1 fanning mill, 2 drags, 1 pulverizer, 1 roller, 1 seeder, 1 champion binder, 1 champion mower, 1 sulky plow, 1 walking plow, 1 cutter, 1 circular saw, 1 horse power, 1 hay rack, 1 wood rack, 2 corn cultivators, 1 corn sheller, 1 potato digger, 1 potato molder, 2 cross cut saws, 2 shovels, 2 corn planters, 1 hay knife.

This is the last post about William and Bridget for now. Starting with their marriage in Massachusetts, then their move to Wisconsin in 1844. Described the early years followed by the farm’s agriculture schedules in 1860, 1870 and 1880. Then a summary of their 12 children and a transcription of the obituaries with photos of the tombstones. Finally, an inventory of the farm from the probate in 1899.


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Photos are Public Domain from Wikipedia accessed 8 May 2016.



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