Children of William Rice and Bridget Connolly

Bridget gave birth to 12 children between 1845-1861 which includes one set of twins. All were born in Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Here is what I have found so far.

1.William Jr born 1845, married Jennie Lynch 15 Jan 1896, died 27 march 1899

children: twins George 1897 , Jerome 1897

William inherited the family farm. William, Jennie, George and Jerome are buried in St Francis Borgia Cemetery, Cedarburg, WI.

2. Charles born 1847, married Catherine Carew 1868, died 1921 New London, WI

children: Frank 1869, Loretta 1881, Melvin 1883

Charles moved to New London and worked in a stave factory. Charles, Catherine, Frank, Loretta, and Melvin are all buried in a family plot in Most Precious Blood Cemetery, New London, WI.

Charles is my 2x great grandfather. His son Frank ( 1869) is my great grandfather who is the father of Harry Rice my grandfather.

3. Francis (Frank) born 1848, married Mary Kiley 1874, died 1937 Mason City, IA

children: Mary 1875, James 1877, Celia 1879, Alonzo 1885,Theresa 1887, Anna 1889, Ruth 1891, John 1894, Lewis 1895

Frank moved to Iowa to start a farm with 2 of his younger brothers, James and unsure of the other one. After 10 years he left farming and worked at the railroad. According to the 1900 census, Mary had 10 children, 9 still living. Buried in Elmwood St Josephs Catholic Cemetery, Mason City, IA.

4. Bridget (twin) born 1849, married Robert Carey 1872, died date not found yet.

children: Catherine 1873, William 1875, Rose 1877, James 1882, Stella 1884, Sylvester 1886, Richard 1887, Loretta 1890

Robert was a Laborer and they lived in South Dakota for a time because the children were born there. Unfortunately there is no 1890 census since some children are unaccounted for. According to 1900 census, Bridget is the mother of 11 with 8 still living. Unsure of death date but was in 1930 census with son Richard.

5. Mary (twin) born 1849, married Thomas Murray 1872, died 1891 Cerro Gordo, IA

children: Agnes 1873, Sarah 1875, William 1877, Thomas 1879

Mary was a teacher and was in the 1870 census living with her Uncle’s family, Owen Conley who is Bridget’s brother. Also living there was Catherine Conley, Bridget and Owen’s mother. They were in Barton, WI. Buried Elmwood St Joseph Cemetery, Mason City, IA

6. Owen born 1850 -He was enumerated in the 1850 census and the number of males in the 1855 Wisconsin census would indicate that he was still living. Owen is not listed in the 1860 census. Unable to find him in the local cemetery.

7. Thomas born 1851 -He was enumerated in 1860 and 1870 censuses but is not found after that. Thought he may have moved to Iowa with his brothers since Frank’s obituary indicated that 2 of his brothers moved with him. No other information has been found yet.

8. Catherine born 1852, married William Keenan 1874, died 1937 Cerro Gordo, IA

children: James, Anna 1878, Ella 1879, Alice 1881, Mary 1883, Claude 1888

William was a carpenter, buried at St Patricks Catholic Cemetery, Dougherty, IA

9. James born 1854. He was enumerated in the 1880 census in Iowa with his brother Frank. He was mentioned in the obituary of his father in 1896 as living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin but no other information has been found yet. I have a couple of leads to follow-up on and hopefully one of them is right.

10. Peter born 1857, married Bridget O’Connor 1883 died 1930 Chicago, IL

children: Howard 1884, Alvin 1888, Charles 1893, Laura 1896

Occupation was horseshoer according to 1900 census and watchman according to informant on death record. Buried All Saints Cemetery, Des Plaines, IL

11. Elizabeth born 1858, married Edward Lynch 1885, died 1929 Milwaukee, WI

children: Irene 1886, Agnes 1888, Gerald 1892

Edward was a Tannery agent. Buried at Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI

12. John born 1861, married Mary Courtney 1898, died 1909 Milwaukee, WI

children: John 1901, Joseph 1906

John was a clothing salesman in the 1905 Wisconsin census. He was buried at Calvary Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI.

Of all the children William and Bridget had, they seemed to drift away from farming. Although, William Jr  continued farming, sadly, he passed away 4 years after inheriting the farm. The other sons had a variety of occupations: Stave worker, Railroad worker, Horseshoer, and Clothing salesman. One daughter worked as a teacher.

Four children moved to the same area in Mason City, IA with one moving back to Cedarburg. One moved to Aurora, SD then moved to Milwaukee. Two others moved to Milwaukee. One moved north to New London, WI, one moved to Chicago, IL and one stayed in Cedarburg, WI.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 11.28.50 PM

Finally, there was a total of 41 grandchildren that I have found. Hopefully I will come across a distant cousin someday.

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