Early Account of Baseball

Baseball season is about to start and I remember learning that Abner Doubleday was credited for inventing baseball in 1839 but that has been dispelled. One reason I know this is because the following notice found on page 3 in the July 13, 1825 issue of the Delaware Gazette, Delhi, NY:


This notice shows that bass-ball was being played before 1839 and there have been even earlier references than the one above. So why do I find this interesting? It turns out that Edward B Chace  is my 4x Great Grandfather. Edward was born 26 May 1797, Walton, NY. He married Julia Goodrich and was an innkeeper in the town of Hamden, NY. Their daughter Sarah Jane married Jabez Bostwick Jr. The reason I outlined the other names is that besides Edward B Chace, I can show that 3 other men listed on the team are related. Harry P Chace is Edward’s brother. H.B. Goodrich is Julia’s brother which would make him Edward’s brother-in-law. M.L. Bostwick is the brother of Jabez Bostwick Jr (Edward’s son-in-law).

I’d love to know what the game looked like compared to what is known today. What did the bats and balls look like? What did the crack of the bat sound like? What were the dimensions of the field? How was the ball pitched? What was the box score? Were there spectators and did they bring food? There are so many other questions but I am happy to find this piece of history. Play Ball!!!

My line:

Edward B Chace 1797-1859 married Julia Goodrich 1798-1882

Sarah Jane Chace 1833-1927 married Jabez Bostwick Jr 1821-1860

John Day Bostwick 1851-1921 married Ida Shelby 1859-1879

Charles Jabez Bostwick 1878-1957 married Alpha Wilkins 1880-1929

Florence Bostwick married Henry Mangen (my grandparents)


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