I Lost My Marbles But I Have a Story and Other Spheres To Share!

I used to have marbles and played during recess in grade school. The marbles are long gone and I can’t remember how to play. I’m going to briefly change course but will come back to marbles so try to follow my ramblings.

We frequently vacation in Wildwood, NJ. The photo below shows the sign that is near the Boardwalk that has giant beachballs in front of it.


So, what is significant about Wildwood, NJ and marbles? In mid June, Wildwood hosts the National Marbles Championships. It is held at Ringer Stadium and you would think that I would have a photo of it since we walk by it several times each year but unfortunately I do not. I can however offer a link to a photo of the stadium here. This year’s tournament is being held June 20 – 24. The photo below shows the approximate location of Ringer Stadium. It is located on the beach where the Boardwalk is.


But wait, there is more! The National Marbles Hall of Fame is also located in Wildwood. I have never been there either but it is located in the Wildwood Historical Society, George F Boyer Museum. I think there a couple of cases one with trophies and another with photos and news clippings. We tend to stick to the beach in the morning, a nap in the afternoon and the boardwalk at night. Below are a couple of photos with balls. At the beach we may play four square or a few other games that use balls. At the boardwalk there was a water ride that had seals going around and had a little drop for the little ones. The seal is balancing a ball on it’s nose. That part of the boardwalk caught fire one year and that ride is gone now. It seemed to be the year that the kid would have been too old for it anyway but we miss seeing it when we walk by.



Please visit Sepia Saturday to see if others have found their marbles.

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8 thoughts on “I Lost My Marbles But I Have a Story and Other Spheres To Share!

  1. Nice connection to the prompt picture using the Wildwood National Marble Championship & National Marbles Hall of Fame. Wildwood looks like a fun place. The picture of playing 4-square on the beach caught my eye. I used to love that game. Haven’t played it in years & years. Hmmm . . . 🙂


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