When nothing matches-roll out the dog picture!

I’ve got no kissing photos and dealing with a puppy and a 9 year old dog that wants nothing to do with him and the hubby is out of town, I am spent. The puppy decided to eat a shoelace today, the vet was called and wanted to induce vomiting. Not having the necessary antidote (being a pharmacist you’d think I’d be well stocked) I took him to the vet. Besides, who wants to clean that mess up. They took him in the back and a few minutes later I could hear them exclaiming -“here it comes”! and “there is some more”! They brought the shoelace with a few other items in a plastic bag to show me what came out followed with a lecture. A leaf, grass, carrots, and chicken with a little skin were the other contents in the baggie. I knew about all of the above, the leaf and grass followed the shoelace. He was retching and I got him outside only to have the retching stop but the grass and leaf eating commence. The carrots were for the teething and the chicken was in the kong to keep him busy. The skin was the big no no as it is fatty and can cause pancreatitis in dogs. He came out all bouncy and acting like it was no big deal with everyone oohing and awing about his cuteness and how mellow he is. Enough about the day and let me introduce you to Blazer. At approximately 5 months old he is a beagle mix. He and his sister were abandoned in the woods in Arkansas when they were about 2 months old. We have had him for 1 month and he is a joy. When he wags his tail, his whole body wags too! He is also a terrific cuddler and is eager to learn.



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10 thoughts on “When nothing matches-roll out the dog picture!

  1. What a sweetie. Your vet story is hilarious. One of my cats swallowed an ear plug a few years ago. He didn’t cough it up….$2000 worth of tests and surgery later, the plug was out and Buster was fine. They’re worth it.


  2. Glad it ended in a happy end. The pup found a loving family. It is such a shame and terrible that someone can abandon two puppies. I hope his sister found love too.


  3. He does look very cute, as beagels usually do, although I am slightly wary of them after one once tried to attack me on the beach many moons ago. The owners should know better than to walk their dogs off leash in public if they know they are liable to attack innocent passers by, just beacuse they look a bit scared, which I probably did.


  4. Blazer’s a keeper, no doubt! We’ve all had experiences with dogs eating stuff — MY worst was a pair of panty hose, which came out the other end (believe it or not) with assistance from my partner, who held onto the protrusion and let the dog walk away…about five feet of nylon panty hose – it was awful, but very funny at the same time!


  5. What a sweet face! Hard to get mad at them when they look like that, even when they cost you a fortune at the vet… But they sure can be dumb!


  6. Fortunately our two dogs, while chewing some things up rather badly, never actually ate anything. So “whew” for that, I guess – after reading your adventurous story! :)- After our Irish Setter passed away, we had cats & they never showed any inclination to eat anything unnatural, thank goodness.


  7. Blazer is cute! We had a Labrador that would eat anything and everything…………until a visitor left his toiletry bag open and the dog ate the soap! He stopped eating and chewing things after that!


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