Heirloom Piano


My grandma, Hazel Jagdfeld played piano. Above is the piano she had while I was growing up. It is a Kimball piano and I think it was manufactured in the 1940s. I remember her playing it and showing me where middle C is when I wanted to plunk out a song with 1 finger. I was fortunate to be the one that inherited it and now it sits in my home. One day, I hope to take lessons so that I can play and hear music come out of it again.

3 thoughts on “Heirloom Piano

  1. My grandmother also played the piano and I, too, can remember being taught middle C. Grandmother’s piano had a black finish on it, but I remember her bench looking much like yours – same era, though, 1940s and 1950s. I don’t know what happened to her piano, as she lived in Mass. and I in California. I think she sold it when she moved to independent living. Thank you for this post – it brought back lots of fun memories for me, too, although I didn’t inherit her musical abilities.


  2. I love this! A friend of mine loves his. He plays so many from the past. These kind are found in a lot of African American Churches. Sometimes their only instrument. This is what it reminded me of church and practicing at our Choir Directors home on occasion.


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