Grandma with a Farm Dog


I never saw my grandma, Hazel Jagdfeld interact with a dog. Neither one of my parents grew up with dogs resulting in my family not having a dog while I grew up. I figured my grandma didn’t like them. But the photo above shows me a different story. I would think that if she didn’t like them grandma wouldn’t sit on a slab with a dog holding her paw. It doesn’t seem like she detests this dog at all. I don’t know the name of this german shepherd that lived on the farm. The farm is located in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin and belonged to Nick Jagdfeld. He and his brother Henry owned farms adjacent to each other. Nick and Henry were my grandma’s cousins. My dad and grandma lived in Chicago and would visit them in the summers. I estimate this photo was taken between 1935-1940. By the way, I currently have 2 dogs, a 9 year old pointer named Daisy and a brand new beagle puppy named Blazer.

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11 thoughts on “Grandma with a Farm Dog

  1. Good for you—breaking the family tradition and having dogs! I can’t tell how comfortable your grandmother was holding the dog’s paw. No eye contact, and the way her hand is open seems to suggest someone said, “Pretent you like the dog, and I’ll take the picture.” 🙂


  2. My mother always had a dog when she was growing up, but I never did. For some unknown reason, dogs love me. If there is a house full of people, the dog will find me and want to stay by my side. Don’t ask me why.


  3. I think your grandma looks quite relaxed and the dog certainly looks happy to be posing with her. I think they must have known each other well.


  4. Both your grandmother and the dog look relaxed and smiling. We have had three cocker spaniels over many years, and know what pleasure dogs can bring to family life. Enjoy yours!


  5. A great photo to feature for this theme. From the comments it looks like I was the only one who clicked on the photo and discovered the hidden companion snapshot of the dog with maybe your dad? Very clever.


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