Four People Golfing

Golf is a popular sport in my family. One golf course that was frequented by them is in New London, Wisconsin. There is one golf course that opened in 1924 called Springvale and later it was known as New London Golf Club. It is now known as Shamrock Heights. When it opened it only had 9 holes. Now it has 18. I don’t know which is the original 9 holes but both sets of nine are named. One is called Sealgaire which is Irish for sportsman. The other nine is called Claire ‘al which is Irish for quarry because it was built on an old stone quarry.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 1.47.17 PM
Shamrock Heights Golf Course

Thscan0013is is 2x Great Aunt Loretta Rice. She looks like she is ready for a round of golf.






This is 3x Great Aunt Lena Carew. Is it me or does the dress she is wearing look similar to the dress on the left in the Simplicity Pattern below? Notice on the pattern, the right one is holding a golf club.





My grandpa, Harry Rice looks like a dapper gentleman golfer sporting his tie.
scan0013This is my dad looking dandy in his knickers and argyle socks

scan0013The photo below was taken in New London, WI. This was before a growth spurt for my dad so I would estimate the year to be between 1932-1935. Coincidentally, Grandpa is holding his golf club in a similar manner as the man in the same position in the photo prompt.


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13 thoughts on “Four People Golfing

  1. What a great collection of golfing photographs connected with your family! A first class match for the prompt, especially your final picture. However my favourite image is the one of the Simplicity dresses. It brings back memories of my mother who had the Simplicity Pattern Book which she used with customers in her home based dressmaking business. Whenever she got as new book, I was given the old one. – I cut out the figures as paper dolls and made up stories and plays of schools and families.


  2. Yes, the bib on the dress does resemble the one in the pattern. Your photos are so interesting that it makes me sad that I don’t have a single one of my parents playing golf. I could write a great story about it but alas, no photo.


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