Looking Through the Lens

In 2010 we took a trip to California. We flew into San Diego on a Friday night in April. The plan was to drive up the coast to San Francisco and fly home from there on a redeye the following Saturday. One stop during this amazing vacation was at the Monteray Bay Aquarium. It is located on Cannery Row. Remember the John Steinbeck novel? The setting of the novel is in this area. Anyway, the aquarium is situated next to the Pacific Ocean where there is a raft of sea otters living.  They are in an area with a kelp forest and will wrap themselves in the kelp. This keeps them anchored so they can rest and eat without drifting out to sea. Below is a photo of the sea otters off the deck they have outside the aquarium. The little black dots are the sea otters bobbing around.


Wanting to get a closer view of them we used the telescopes that are available on the deck. Below is my kid looking through to get a better view.


One more photo needs to be shared. A picture through that telescope. See the sea otters?


To see what other lenses have exposed head over to Sepia Saturday.

Sepia Saturday 316 Header

13 thoughts on “Looking Through the Lens

  1. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is quite a place to see, and Cannery Row a great place to stroll & peruse the shops & eateries. By any chance did you try a meal at Bubba Gump’s? There’s another fun (& yummy) experience!


  2. We visited the Monterey acquariun back in 1986, and I was impressed back then too. An aunt and uncle of mine lived not far away in Santa Cruz, and my aunt still lives there.


  3. Excellent take-off from the prompt…becoming an otter watcher! I love river otters, and yet have only seen them in zoo-like settings at aquariums. I am sure I would also love to see wild sea otters.


  4. Isn’t the natural world a wonder? Wrapping up in kelp to keep from drifting out to sea –it never occurred to me that sea animals might actually need an anchor. I just love Sepia Saturday!


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