Ironing Tragedy

This weeks Sepia Saturday prompt shows women ironing.   I never thought I would ever research irons in depth. I found irons that were heated on the stove, irons where coal was placed above the plate, gas irons and of course the ones I am familiar with, electric. I’m still trying to get my head … More Ironing Tragedy

Infant Boy Rice

I call my mom every monday and we speak about the happenings of the previous week. I talk about what I have been looking up or ask a question to try to trigger a memory and hear a story about the past. This past Monday I had something specific I wanted to ask her. Growing … More Infant Boy Rice

Four People Golfing

Golf is a popular sport in my family. One golf course that was frequented by them is in New London, Wisconsin. ThereĀ is one golf course that opened in 1924 called Springvale and later it was known as New London Golf Club. It is now known as Shamrock Heights. When it opened it only had 9 … More Four People Golfing