Grandpa’s Basketball Team

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My Grandpa, Harry Rice, was on the Fond du Lac High School basketball team. They are known as the Cardinals and are commonly referred to as Fondy High. He definitely played from 1913-1915 as I have seen various articles about the team with his name mentioned. He was the center and reading through the articles they indicated that this team was small but fast compared to the other teams in the state. My grandpa was around 6 feet tall which isn’t very tall for a center. His team did however win the Wisconsin State Championship in 1915, his senior year. They were called the 1.000 percent team because they went 18-0 that season. They beat West Green Bay in the finals 44 to 18. My grandpa scored 8 points in that game and was also named All-State center that year.

He also played other sports. I recently discovered he played football in college for the University of Wisconsin Badgers. Other family members recollect he played lineman and I found one article so far that confirms he played at UW. The thing that stands out is they called him “Handsome Harry”. When I shared this with the family, none had heard of this before. Perhaps grandpa didn’t think it sounded tough enough for a football player and didn’t share this with us.

By the time I was born, his basketball and football days were over but he stayed active by playing golf all through his retirement years.

1913 Fond du Lac High basketball team. Sitting- Manion, Birch, Gooding. Standing- Karst, Rice, Coach Lipp, Ellison, Fitzgerald.

11 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Basketball Team

  1. “Handsome Harry” indeed. He was rather good-looking. The coach wasn’t bad, either! 🙂 Lucky you to have such a good photograph.


  2. Harry was quite the star player! Looks like he had a sense of humour too, but was trying to keep a straight face because that was the photographer’s instruction.


  3. That’s a terrific photo, and perfect for our theme this weekend. My guess is that Birch, the boy holding the ball, played center for the team. The others seem much shorter than modern high school basketball players.


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