My Great Grandparents

Sometimes I need a visual to organize my thoughts and decided it might be fun to look at all of my great grandparents to reflect on when and where they were born, married and died. Below is what I came up with.


As the table shows, half of them were born in the United States. Interesting that 2 were born in California one on my father’s side and one on my mother’s side. Both of them migrated to the midwest. There is a 22 year range between the oldest and youngest. By the time my grandparents were all born, there was only a 7 year age range (1895-1902). Further, my parents are only 6 months apart in age. They were all married for a relatively short period of time, one due to a divorce and the others due to an early death.  Each of the marriages had one spouse die before the age of 50. There was only one family that had quite a few children. I can’t help but think that George and Eva would have had more children if George hadn’t met an untimely death. Two families ran their own businesses. I have found where all of them are buried and have seen all but 1 gravesite photo. One is in an unmarked grave which I have seen. The one I haven’t seen is in a rather large cemetery and there are hundreds of photo requests. Sometimes tables help me determine what else I need to look for and lets me think about their lives and how they eventually crossed paths to form families that led to me.

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