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As soon as I saw the photo prompt for Sepia Saturday, I immediately thought of my pup and rescuing dogs. Her name is Daisy and she is a Pointer. They are used for finding birds and they have a distinctive pointing stance they take when they spy the prey. Our dog would not be a good hunting companion as she spooks easily from loud noises-a problem when the guns are discharged. But she does like to hunt and that is what she does daily in our yard which is backed up to the woods. We have a constant stream of wildlife coming into the yard from all variety of birds to squirrels, river otters, snakes, deer, and foxes just to name a few. Rabbits are a particular favorite and we have had many instances where first the rabbit is sprinting past us followed closely by Miss Daisy. She has stood her ground with a coyote and got into a fight with it. Turned out, the coyote had a den of pups about 50 yards from the house.

Daisy pointing at a flock of turkeys in the woods.

We rescued her from OnPoint Rescue who specialized in taking in Pointers from high kill shelters and finding homes for them. Daisy’s mom was a stray running the streets in a town in Kentucky. By the time she was caught, she was already pregnant. She gave birth to 8 puppies on February 9, 2007. OnPoint Rescue, based in Missouri, took in the mom and pups. We chose Daisy and when she was ready, they transported her via a group of volunteers passing her from car to car until they got to us in Cleveland. From there, we drove her the rest of the way home. These volunteers are passionate about rescuing and will typically drive about a hundred miles and have a designated meeting spot to pass the pup to the next person. It takes a lot of coordination to set up one of these transports and we met them at about the halfway point.

Just before pouncing on a mouse.

Daisy does not like the beach or water. We go to the beach every year and she will not go anywhere near the sand. When walking her she always turns away from the ocean and insists on staying near the grass. The closest she gets is on the deck to check out the seagulls that fly by.


12 thoughts on “Hunting Dog

  1. What a lovely story. I was interested in your reference to coyotes and I hope they survived . Having just re-read Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver I find them an interesting animal even though some people find them a pest.


    1. When the pups were old enough to explore, all the neighbors made a lot of noise to scare them so they wouldn’t feel comfortable around humans to approach. Then one evening, the mom was lounging in the cul de sac(which is a dead end-no houses only woods), and I came out of my house(which is the last house before the cul de sac), made eye contact and she quickly ushered her pups into the woods. About an hour later, she and her juveniles from the year before were all howling. We never saw the family again. I assume the mom felt they were in danger since she saw that I knew where the den was and decided to move out.


  2. That sounds like a very good way to do things without too much expense. I never knew there were dogs that didn’t like the beach before I read your blog and Alan’s. My daughter doesn’t let her dog off the lead even where it’s allowed, as on some beaches, because she’s afraid she will run off and not come back, but she’s still young.


  3. Lucky dog, lucky owner. We have a few animal rescue charities here and I keep hoping that one day we can give one of the many abandoned dogs a home


  4. Gorgeous dog. There are many remarkable dogs from rescue centres all deserving of a home. My daughters pack always seems to include at least one. Daisy is lucky to have such an understanding owner.


  5. A fine looking dog and I’m sure the source of many stories. We are on our second rescue dog who came from a Golden Retriever Rescue Club, though she’s all black like a Flat-coat Retriever. Like your dog, she dislikes loud bangs and would never make a good gun dog. She does however love sand and water.


  6. Daisy has a very nice pointing stance. My husband’s Irish Setter was an excellent pointer and could hold a point indefinitely. Really amazing. As to wildlife in the backyard, we had a cat who used to stalk deer! I don’t know what she thought she’d ever do with one if she ‘caught’ it?


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