Tinsel on the tree

Below are Gram and Grandma Jennie. They are my husband’s Grandmother (Matilda Zacchia) and Great Grandmother (Concetta Gambino). They are getting ready for Christmas I would guess in the early 1950s as ¬†Matilda would have had her 2 children by then. Notice the tinsel. I remember my¬†German Grandmother, Hazel Jagdfeld, always had tinsel on her … More Tinsel on the tree

Mess Kit

I’ve heard about the food that was served in the army from my father. One dish that would make an occasional appearance on the family table while I was growing up was chipped beef on toast, lovingly referred to as SOS-and not the cleaned up version. I did not particularly enjoy this dish but I … More Mess Kit

Holiday Memories – 52 Ancestors Challenge

This week the 52 Ancestors challenge is Holidays. I came across a newspaper article in the Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter. The headline: Child’s Yule Imagination As Vivid in 1870 As Today This article is about my Great Aunt Agnes Jagdfeld. She is the seventh out of eight children born to Gottfried Jagdfeld and Margaretha … More Holiday Memories – 52 Ancestors Challenge

Hunting Dog

  As soon as I saw the photo prompt for Sepia Saturday, I immediately thought of my pup and rescuing dogs. Her name is Daisy and she is a Pointer. They are used for finding birds and they have a distinctive pointing stance they take when they spy the prey. Our dog would not be … More Hunting Dog