Sporting Relatives- 52 Weeks Ancestors Challenge

This weeks challenge is Sporting. Are there any relatives that were involved in sports. I have many relatives that enjoy golf. Below is a picture of 3x Great Aunt Lena Carew, Grandpa Harry Rice, 2x Great Aunt Loretta Rice, and Dad. This was taken in New London, WI sometime in the 1930s. My dad looks to be about 12 in the photo. Just wanted to point out the tie my grandpa is wearing. My mom told me that grandpa often wore ties and it is a possibility that he did golf wearing a tie at one point. My dad is wearing knickers-quite the fashion statement.

My memories of golf include accompanying my family while they played golf. Because of the age difference(I am 7 years younger than the brother closest in age to me) I went with my 3 brothers most likely because they needed to watch me. I know I occasionally went when my dad played and I remember at least one outing that involved my grandpa. My grandpa played 9 holes 3 times a week when he retired. He always walked the course. For a time, my Dad played on Saturdays in a league that was organized through his workplace. My brothers played for the high school team. I know that the oldest brother had a hole in one in high school and this was reported in the newspaper. I was never taught how to play and never took an interest in learning. I can hold my own in a round of miniature golf though!

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