Is This a Haunted House? 52 Ancestor week 44 -Frightening

In honor of Halloween, I looked to see if any of the old houses in the family have any ghost stories associated with them. I found one, the Gideon Frisbee house in Delhi, New York. I have written about Gideon Frisbee here. I did not know about the haunting history until today 3 months after I visited.
It turns out that my 5th great grandmother Huldah Kidder died in the house and is thought to haunt it. Huldah passed in 1804 and is buried in the Frisbee cemetery behind the house. There is also another person that may be haunting the house. A child of Gideon’s second wife Freelove. She had a boy named George in 1809 and he died 2 months later.

Gideon Frisbee House

Twilight Lantern Tours of the house are offered around Halloween. In addition to discussing the ghosts, they talk about the coffin door and the breakneck staircase. From what I understand, a coffin door is extra large so that a coffin can fit through when they are ready to take the body out of the house. I seem to recall seeing a large door and wish I had known the history behind this. I definitely remember going down breakneck stairs in the house. To see a little more about this house, there is a 3 minute video to watch here.

Nursery in Gideon Frisbee house is thought to be haunted.

When I toured the house in August, there was no tour guide and I was in there by myself. I have to admit, it was a tad creepy in the upstairs back portion of the house. Maybe Huldah was trying to say hello. I did not linger in the upstairs areas long but if I ever go back, I will be sure to stay longer now that I know more about the history.

Hulda Kidder Grave in Frisbee cemetery

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