The Story of Concetta Gambino

Concetta Gambino is my husband’s great grandmother. She was born September 20, 1892 in Lercara, Italy to Ireneo Gambino and Beatrice. She is the fifth of seven children. Her siblings are: Antontino, Antonina 1885, Pietra 1889, Francesca 1890, Francesco 1897, and Gieusspa 1899. Concetta’s family moved to New York over a period of 4 years. First her older brother emigrated in 1898. Then Concetta and her 3 older sisters emigrated on the ship Lombardia in 1902. Next, her mother came over in 1902. Finally, her father and two younger siblings emigrated in 1903. More about their immigration can be read here. The family, minus Antonino can be found on the 1905 New York census. They lived on 14th Street in New York and Concetta was 13 and attending school.

Birth certificate

I have found 2 marriage records for Concetta and her husband Raffaele Zacchia. Both were in Manhattan and had the same parents listed. One date was April 16, 1917 the other was September 16, 1917. I will be trying to find a church record to determine the correct date. Concetta and Raffaele had 2 children, Matilda 1918 and Guido 1920. The family can be found in the US census living in Hoboken, New Jersey. Important to know that Concetta is also known as Jennie and Raffaele is also known as Ralph. Those are the names on this census. Sometime between the 1920 and 1930 census, Guido passed. The 1930 census lists only Matilda now 12 years along with Jennie and Ralph this time living in Union City, NJ. The 1940 census reveals that the 3 of them are now living in Queens, NY. Both Jennie and Matilda are working as Dress Operators in a Dress Factory and the wages for the year were $450 for 20 weeks of work and they worked 35 hours per week. At some point, I have been told around 1952, Ralph passed away leaving Jennie a widow.

1920 census with Ralph, Jennie, Matilda, and Guido.

Something interesting occurred when Jennie and Matilda were traveling by train in New Jersey. They were visiting someone down the Jersey Shore and the train they were on crashed. The train left Atlantic City on May 23, 1943. By the time it got to the Delair area, the train crashed. There were 91 injured and 14 killed. Jennie and Matilda were taken to Cooper Hospital in Camden, NJ and treated for injuries.

Concetta Gambino on the right with her daughter Matilda Zacchia

At the age of 80, Concetta Gambino passed away on November 1, 1972 in Hoboken, NJ. Her obituary states that she had a long illness. She was a retired seamstress and survived by one child, 2 grandchildren, and 1 great grandchild. The funeral mass was at St Anthony’s Catholic Church and she is interred at Flower Hill cemetery.


One thought on “The Story of Concetta Gambino

  1. My husbands grandfather Guiseppe Gambino is from Salerno, Italy. He came alobe through Ellis in 1913, if remembering right at age 16/18. He eventually ended up in New Haven, Ct. Had so brother Francesco that stayed in NY. His name here eventually got changed to Cambino.


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