Ancestor Migration

This week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun challenge by Randy Seaver posed the following on his blog:
1) Many of our ancestors migrated to a distant place. Which one of your ancestors migrated the furthest? Or the furthest in North America? It could be in one big move, or in several smaller moves over their lifetime. How far did they travel? Do you know the route they took?

I am going to highlight 3 ancestors, all women. I chose one that came from Sweden, one that moved from the west coast to the midwest and repeated the journey and one that didn’t put as many miles in but traveled from New York to California before the railroad made traveling across the country easier.

*My 2x great grandmother, Christine Pearson 1845-1897. She was born in Sweden, immigrated in 1871 to Baltimore, MD (6300 miles). She then traveled to Marquette, MI (650 miles). In 1875 she moved to Burlington, IA (550 miles). Her final move was to Chicago, IL (250 miles). Total miles approximately 7750.

*My great grandmother, Hattie Raymond 1876-1947. She was born in Sacramento, CA, and moved to New London, WI in the 1880s (2100 miles). She moved to Washington and had a child in 1891 (1900 miles). She moved back to New London, WI and had another child 1893 (1900 miles). She moved to Minneapolis, MN and had another child 1895 (250 miles). She moved to Fond du Lac, WI (300 miles). Her final move was to Chicago, IL (150 miles). Total miles approximately 6600.

*My 3x great grandmother, Ann Jeanette Hinckley 1836-1920. She was born in Great Valley, NY and moved to Racine, WI before 1849 when her mom and brother died. She most likely traveled the Great Lakes waterways (600 miles). She moved to Texas by 1855 as she married that year there. Most likely route was down the Mississippi River (1200 miles). Her final move was to the northern California area, first to Pajaro and moving many times in the area the final residence was in San Jose. She most likely moved in 1857 as she had a child in TX (1856) and one in CA (1858). The route she took for the final journey is unknown. (1500 miles if she traveled through the southwest, further if she first went to Missouri then took a wagon train west which is what her father did in 1849.) Total miles approximately 5300 the hard way.


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