Golden Anniversaries – Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

From the Genea-Musings blog by Randy Seaver who posed the following challenge:
So – the challenge today is to find out which of your ancestors have celebrated a golden wedding anniversary – 50 years of marital bliss (?). Was there a newspaper article about it?

I will go back to my 2x great grandparents. I have a few ancestors that were married a long time.

The maternal side of the family:

John Day Bostwick and Ida Shelby married in 1878. Ida died 1879, married only 1 year.

Charles Bostwick and Alpha Wilkins married in 1901. Alpha died 1929, married 28 years.

Thomas Wilkins and Christine Pearson married 1874. Thomas died 1895, married 21 years.

Nicholas Mangen and Anna Weber married 1861. Nicholas died 1907, married 46 years.

George Mangen and Eva Guill married 1896. George died 1903, married 7 years.

Michael Guill and Catherine Revening married 1870. Michael died 1882, married 12 years.

Henry Mangen and Florence Bostwick married 1920. Henry died 1947, married 27 years.

The paternal side:

Gottfried Jagdfeld and Margaretha Schingen married 1850. Gottfried died 1892, married 42 years.

John Jagdfeld and Olga Roehlke married 1889. Olga died 1915, married 26 years.

Andrew Roehlke and Susanna Thrin married 1862. Susanna died 1920, married 58 years.

Charles Rice and Catherine Carew married 1868. Charles died 1921, married 53 years.

Frank Rice and Hattie Raymond, married 1890. Divorced before 1899, less than 9 years.

Harry Raymond and Clara Sweeney, married 1875. Clara listed as widow 1920, Harry died ? when.

Harry Rice and Hazel Jagdfeld, married 1919. Hazel died 1985, married 66 years!

So for my family, the marriage range is 1 to 66 years. There was one divorce and one that can’t give an accurate length of marriage because I don’t know when a 2x great grandfather died. There were 3 marriages in which one spouse died really young. There were 4 marriages that went into 0ver 20 years but one spouse died in middle age. There were  2 marriages that lasted into the 40 year range. For this challenge, 2 marriages made it over 50 years and 1 marriage over 60 years. The longest was 66 years and those are my grandparents. I remember going to their 50th and 60th anniversary parties. The 50th was large with many friends, relatives and neighbors. The 60th was smaller but each grandparent had a living sibling and they attended along with grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Harry Rice and Hazel Jagdfeld 60th anniversary photo

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