How Many Grandparents Have I Found?

I started researching my family tree in February 2015. The information I had to start with were first and last names back to my Great Grandparents. I heard that my dad’s grandparents on his mom’s side were from Germany and his dad’s grandparents came from Ireland through Canada. I learned that my mom’s grandparents on her dad’s side were from Luxembourg. On her mom’s side, her mom’s grandparents were from Sweden and grandma’s dad’s parents were from England. Little did I know that the ancestors from England have actually been in America for a long time. I wanted to take a look at what I have found so far in table form to see the progress I have made. I started out knowing the first 4 generations-14 people. In the 6 months since, I have added 76 grandparents. A total of 90 people out of a possible 1023 are identified which is 8.8% of the family tree through the first 10 generations. More importantly, I have been thoroughly enjoying learning about my diverse family history.



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