Gideon Frisbee 52 Ancestors Week 31: Easy

Amy Crow Johnson’s 52 Ancestors 2015 theme for week 31 is :EASY. I have had several easy ancestors but today I have chosen to share about my 5th great grandfather, Gideon Frisbee.

I first met Gideon Frisbee when I was looking up his daughter Freelove. In the Family Search website Catalog, there is a book titled Frisbee – Frisbie – Frisby family genealogy by Olin E. Frisbee. This book gives a history of the first Frisbee that came to America and continues on to name the descendants through 11 generations. I found Gideon Frisbee in the book which informed me that he was born in 1758 in Connecticut to Philip Frisbee and Phoebe Hendricks. He was married first to Huldah Kidder who had six children: Daniel 1781, Freelove 1781, Gideon 1783, Huldah 1787, William 1791 and Ruth 1797. His wife Huldah passed away in 1804. Gideon remarried in 1805 to Freelove Fiske. Together they had six children: Angeline 1806, Anzolette 1807, George 1809, Milton 1811, Porter 1816, and Phillip 1818. This book is a wonderful point of reference to look for the original records for births, deaths, and marriages. In most cases, it gives the first and last names of wives and the children and also places they were born.


Gideon Frisbee House, Delhi, NY

I did a Google search for Gideon Frisbee and struck pay dirt. On the Delaware County Historical Association website, there is information about Gideon here. His house is a historic building in Delhi, New York and can be toured. There are other buildings and the Frisbee cemetery can be found on the grounds also. I was fortunate to be able to visit one time recently and was able to tour the house alone. It was wonderful to be able to linger in each room and read about the history of this family.

Gideon Frisbee reading glasses and quills

Let me highlight a few of Gideon’s accomplishments. He was a Revolutionary War soldier in the 17th Regiment of the Albany County Militia. He was the first Judge in Delaware County and they used a room in the house as a courtroom until a courthouse was constructed. That same room also functioned as a tavern. Gideon also had approximately 1000 acres that was farmed and had livestock.

Tavern Room in Gideon Frisbee Home

Unfortunately, upon his death in 1828, he left his wife with a $1000 mortgage and other unpaid bills. They sold land, livestock, produce, and personal property to pay the debts.

Gideon Frisbee died in 1828 at the age of 71. His tombstone is located in the Frisbee Cemetery only about 100 yards from the home in Delhi, New York.

Gideon Frisbee Tombstone, Frisbee Cemetery, Delhi, NY

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