The Story of Frank W Rice

Frank Rice is my great grandfather. He was born June 18, 1869 in New London, WI to Charles Rice (Wisconsin) and Catherine Carew (Canada). He is the oldest of 3 children. His siblings are: Loretta, 1881 and Melvin, 1883.
Frank can be found on the 1870 and 1880 census with his parents. Both censuses are in New London.

1870 census from Family Search

On November 1, 1890, Frank married Hattie Raymond. I wrote about her in a previous post here.

They had three children:
Lorena, 1891 born in Washington
Rosanna, 1893 born in Wisconsin
Harry, 1895 born in Minnesota
I have been told that Frank was a lumberjack and seeing that they moved several times and that lumberjacks are a migratory group, there may be some truth to this. For whatever reason, it seems Hattie left Frank in 1895. I believe this because Hattie is on the 1895 Minnesota census with her mom and oldest daughter Lorena. Frank and Rosanna are not on this census. My grandfather, Harry, was born in Minnesota a few months after this census. The next time I find Frank is in 1899. He is 30 years old and he married Mary Plant on December 28, 1899. They had two sons: Frances 1901, and Leonard 1904. Frank can be found on the 1900 census listed as a furniture clerk, in the 1905 Wisconsin census, and in the 1910 census as laborer in a sawmill.

1910 census from Ancestry

I didn’t hear anything about Frank other than he was a lumberjack and that my grandfather had half-brothers. I don’t think my grandfather knew him very well because it doesn’t seem he was with the family before my grandfather was born. Add that to having another family and not living in the same town and I can understand why not much is known about Frank.
Hopefully some day, one of his descendants from his second marriage will do some genealogy research and we will cross paths. I don’t know if that will help as Frank passed away when his sons were young. Frank died of Tuberculosis on June 17, 1912, one day shy of his 43rd birthday. He is buried at Most Precious Blood cemetery in New London, WI.

Tombstone, Most Precious Blood Cemetery, from Find a Grave.

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