Immigration- Part 1

There are a couple of ways families immigrated to America. One way is for everyone in the family to come over at the same time which is mass migration. The other way is for the family to come over a few at a time which is chain migration. I will show you an example of each type of migration. First, mass migration.

There were three siblings in the Schingen family Hubert, Anna Catherine, and Margaretha. Each of them were married and between the three couples, they had 19 children. They all left Germany at the same time and embarked on the ship Australia at the port in Antwerp, Belgium. On May 18, 1863, they disembarked in New York.

Part of ship manifest that shows the 25 names of the family members. New York, Passenger Lists, 1820-1957


The columns on the manifest from left to right are: Name, Age, Sex, Occupation, The country to which they severely belong, The country of which they intend to inhabit, Died on voyage.  As you can see there are a lot of squiggly lines.  The person filling out the form didn’t bother filling in most of the information.  At the top of the country to which they belong, the first row had Germany written on it.

The names and ages are as follows:

The Shaefer family(starts with purple tab): Mathias 49, Catherine 45, Werner 18, Margaret 16, Agnes 15, Jacob 13, Anna 10, Casper 7, Wilhelm 6, Christina 2, and Clara 18 months.

The Jagdfeld family(starts with yellow tab): Gottfried 44, Margaretha 40, Christian 16, Nicholas 10, Casper 8, Arnold 6, and Johan 4.

The Schingen family(starts with blue tab): Hubert 50, Anne 22, Agnes 14, Margaretha 12, Anna 9, Fredrick 7, and Wilhelm 5.

There are two other names at the top of the list(arrow tab) that, according to a memorial I read, immigrated with these families also. Their names are Mathias(age 28) and Caspar(21) Schleiden. They are thought to be either nephews or cousins of Mathias as his mother’s maiden name is Schleiden. So now, the total number of family members that came over is 27.

They all traveled to Lamartine, Wisconsin together, most likely by taking the waterways from New York to Milwuakee and then either walked or took a wagon the rest of the way. They became farmers in the area and most of them are buried in Our Risen Savior Cemetery in Lamartine.

Gottfried and Margaretha Jagdfeld are my 2nd great grandparents and their son Johan(John)  is my great grandfather.

So, this is a classic example of mass migration.  In this case, three siblings with their families and two additional members made the journey together.


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