Followup on yesterdays post

I realized talking to my mom that my family doesn’t know what branch of the family tree I am writing about so I am going to give the ancestor line on this post for Philip Frisbee. I will only go to our grandparents as anyone related to me will know how to fill in the rest of the family tree from there.

  • Philip Frisbee 1740-1813 married Phoebe Hendricks 1740-1779
  • son Gideon Frisbee 1758-1828 m Huldah Kidder 1756-1804
  • daughter Freelove Frisbee 1782-1867 m Jabez Bostwick 1779-1856
  • son Jabez Bostwick Jr 1821-1860 m Jane Chace 1833-unk
  • son John Day Bostiwick 1851-1921 m Ida Shelby 1859-1879
  • son Charles Jabez Bostwick 1878-1957 m Alpha Wilkens 1880-1929
  • daughter Florence Bostwick- grandmother

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