52 Ancestors – Week 27 – Independence: Colonel Philip Frisbee

This week’s blog challenge by Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small is:
Week 27 (July 2-8) – Independent: This is the week for Independence Day! Which one fought for (or against) America’s independence? Or which of your ancestors was independent?

I chose to write about my 6th Great Grandfather Colonel Philp Frisbee who was born around 1740 in Branford, CT to Gideon Frisbie and Desire Grannis. He was married twice, first to Phoebe Hendricks who had eight children, then to Sarah Beebe who had 3 children.

Canaan, NY in Columbia County

In the 1760s the Frisbee family moved to New Canaan, NY.  They were among the first settlers in the area. At the time, Philip was married to his first wife and had several children. He must have been a respected man in the community as his name is listed on several committees in the King’s District in Canaan, NY. One of the committees convened on June 24, 1776 and unanimously voted to declare their independence from Britain. Philip was also elected to several positions including Constable in 1772, Town Supervisor in 1776 and 1783, and Assemblyman to the New York State Legislature in 1781.

Sons of American Revolution medallion on headstone

Philip also served in the military during the Revolutionary War.  He was Captain of Company 3, 17th Regiment of the New York State Militia. This was one of the Regiments that fought at the Battle of Saratoga. This battle, in which the British surrendered, is considered a turning point of the war, because it swayed foreign allies to start fighting with the Patriots. On June 16, 1778, Philip was promoted to 2nd Major and in 1781 was appointed Colonel of a militia in Columbia County, NY.

Colonel Philip Frisbee’s tombstone in Canaan Cemetery, Canaan, NY

He died on March 12, 1813 in Canaan, NY and is buried in the Frisbee family section of the Canaan Cemetery.

Colonel Philip Frisbee was an active participant during the Revolutionary war. From committee work to being elected to office in various capacities in his community, and fighting in the war. He was a patriot who helped this country gain its independence.

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