The story of Hattie Raymond

Hattie Raymond is my Great Grandmother. She was born June 6, 1876 in Sacramento, CA to Harry Raymond and Clara Sweeney.

birth announcement
Sacramento Daily Union, Volume 2, Number 93, 8 June 1876 — Page 2

At some point, the family moved to Wisconsin. On November 1, 1890, at the age of 14, she married Frank Rice in New London, WI. She had three children:

Lorena (1891, born in Washington)
Rosanna (1893, born in Wisconsin)
Harry (1895, born in Minnesota)

As you can see, they moved around a lot in the first years of their marriage. Now, an interesting twist…the 1895 Minnesota census lists Hattie living with her mom, dad, and Lorena (Harry was born 4 months after the census was taken). hattie Frank and Rosanna are not there. I can only guess that sometime between February and May of 1895, Hattie left Frank and Rosanna in Wisconsin to move back with her parents in Minnesota. Why she only took Lorena with her is perplexing. Moving ahead to the 1900 census, Hattie, her mom, Lorena, and Harry are all living in Fond du Lac, WI and Frank was living with his second wife, Mary, in New London. I learned that Rosanna was raised by her paternal grandparents so she must be with them but I can’t find them in this census year. By 1905, Hattie was remarried to Edward Secor and they were living in Fond du Lac with Lorena and Harry per that year’s Wisconsin census. This census also revealed Rosanna living with her paternal grandparents in New London.

Tragically, her daughter Lorena died in 1913, less than a year after she was married. I will go into more detail about Lorena in a different post…

Later, around 1920, Hattie and Ed moved to Chicago and raised a grandchild, Eddie, who is Rosanna’s son. I caught up with her again in the 1940 census, Hattie, Edward and Eddie are all listed as living on N. Rockwell St in Chicago, the same home they lived in 1935. One of the informational questions asked in that census year was highest level of education; for Hattie it was 4th grade. Hattie lived 14 miles away from her son (my grandfather) Harry and only 3 miles from Rosanna in Chicago. They were all listed with their families in the 1940 census in Chicago.

hattie rip
Hattie’s unmarked grave, Mount Carmel Cemetary

The last document I found for Hattie detailed her death. At the age of 69, she died on March 25, 1946 in Chicago. She is buried at Mt Carmel Cemetery in Hillside, IL. I requested a photo to be taken of her tombstone and a very nice volunteer named Cynthia, who is familiar with this cemetery, looked for Hattie but couldn’t find the stone based on the information I supplied. She went back the next day to speak with the office worker who confirmed the location and informed her that there is no marker for the grave. So Cynthia placed a bouquet of flowers to mark her grave for a photo of the site, thank you again!! She also gave the names of the people on either side of her so if anyone goes to visit Hattie, we will know where she is.

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